Five climbers dead after storm on Russia's Mt Elbrus

According to official information, five climbers died after getting caught in a sudden snow storm on the Russian Elbrus.
It is the highest mountain in Europe.
Dramatic footage that can be seen here showed how the 14 other members of the group were rescued in strong winds and poor visibility at temperatures of minus -4 degrees Celsius.
The group of Russian climbers sent a mayday call shortly after 5 p.m. Local time on Thursday (September 23) according to the regional emergency department.
Eleven of the survivors were taken to hospital.
A climbing organizer told the TASS news agency that a woman fell ill and died in the arms of one of the mountain guides.
He said another climber broke his leg on the descent and the group decided to split into three groups depending on who could walk the fastest.
The Elbrus rises over 5,500 feet north of the Russian border with Georgia.
It's notorious for sudden weather changes and challenging climbing conditions.

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