Flat-back Christmas trees are the perfect solution for people who can't be bothered to decorate the entire half of a tree that nobody sees anyway

Flat-backed Christmas trees are flat on one side so they can rest against the wall. Wayfair / Stacie Petty
Half Christmas trees or trees with a flat back look like a normal Christmas tree with one modification: one side is completely flat so it can rest against the wall.
Reviews for the trees, available at Target and other retailers, praise their compact size.
The cheapest options are under $ 100, while one of the most expensive trees currently available is over $ 500. Many even come pre-lit.
Iantha Carley, an interior designer, told Insider that using ferns and festive flowers was a great way to decorate the trees.
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People who celebrate Christmas often love to put a tree up to be the focal point of their living room. However, if you don't have a lot of space to work, you may need to innovate about where to place your Christmas tree.
Fortunately, there are a few different Christmas tree options out there in a small space, like lush Christmas trees or an artificial "tree" that is really just cutting up garlands (thanks Martha Stewart for that).
Now you can add a third alternative tree to the list: flat-backed Christmas trees.
Flat-backed Christmas trees look like regular trees with a smart twist - one side of the tree is completely flat so you can lean it against the wall, while creating the illusion of a full-sized Christmas tree.
"If you live in an apartment and don't have room [for a full tree] or don't plan on being in your house for Christmas but want something festive, a good solution is to put those trees on the wall and name it one day, "Iantha Carley, interior designer and owner of Iantha Carley Interiors, told Insider.
Flat-back trees, also called half-Christmas trees, have made their way into popular retailers
Target, Wayfair, and Home Depot all sell versions of these trees. Their biggest selling point, mentioned in most of the reviews, could be their compact size and easy setup.
Stacie Petty, who got her flat-backed Christmas tree at Target, told Insider that her family needed to convert their toddler's bedroom into an office to accommodate her husband's remote working. Your living room, in which you put the tree, is now your daughter's playroom.
"I had already moved into her room so I didn't want to take up a lot of space in her play area with a tall tree, but I still wanted a tall tree," Petty said, adding that the flat-back option worked perfectly "for her Family.
"So far it has been toddler-safe because it is still there, minus some ornaments," she told Insider.
Petty's toddler with the family's target half-tree in the background. Courtesy Stacie Petty
Target's flat-backed Christmas tree comes in sizes between 5 and 7.5 feet tall, and all options have pre-lit lights. The cheapest option is $ 114.99 (for a 5 foot tree) while the most expensive tree is $ 261.99 (for a 7.5 foot tree).
Sophie Armstrong, who lives in Middlesbrough, England, told Insider that the small size of her living room was a factor in choosing a flat-backed Christmas tree.
"My partner has never decorated or had a tree since he moved in [four] years ago. I moved in with him last January, and as much as he is a Grinch, I really wanted Christmas magic after such a terrible year," said Armstrong .
"The half fits perfectly in a small area, but looks like a full tree from the front, so the space looks nice and festive," she added.
Wayfair also offers similar pre-lit and fully decorated flat-backed Christmas trees. The price ranges from $ 59.99 for an undecorated 3-foot half tree to $ 539.99 for a 9-foot tree with lights.
According to the website, the tree shown below is "pre-decorated with a mixture of shiny and glittering red unbreakable plastic ornaments".
Wayfair's flat-backed Christmas tree. Wegmesse
Charlotte Binks of Basingstoke, Hampshire, put hers in the hallway as pictured above.
"It fits our hallway perfectly. A full size tree wouldn't fit and clutter the room. The fact that it's pre-lit is a huge bonus and makes the hallway look Christmassy as soon as you step in." Binks told Insider.
Carley suggested that those who buy flat-backed trees could decorate them with flowers or turn them into a game
"I think they'll probably look a little more sophisticated over time. Right now they're very quirky," Carley told Insider.
Carley says you could decorate the tree with ferns or festive flowers like poinsettias.
"I also thought that if you could turn it into an advent calendar, kids would have fun," she said. The concept of an advent calendar is based on counting down the days until Christmas and, more importantly, opening a present every day.
Carley found more ways to use this space saving tree and said they are adept at decorating for a party too.
"It's nice when you go to people's houses and they have a tree in every room. So a wall tree could be an alternative if you don't have enough space to have a tree or a place to store it ... like three artificial trees, "said Carley.
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