Flood of Democratic Mail-In Votes Swamp Republicans In Key State Early Balloting

A flood of postal ballot papers from Democratic voters poured into the postal and ballot boxes and overwhelmed the number of GOP postal votes.
As of Sunday, registered Democrats had returned 2.1 million postal ballots, more than double the 931,000 ballots registered Republicans had cast. This emerges from the persecution of Michael McDonald, a professor of political science at the University of Florida, who analyzes early voting.
McDonald said this presidential election will be the first with Democrats to return their ballots faster than Republicans before election day.
"Democrats are very committed and they are turning out," Tom Bonier, CEO of the Democratic election tracking company TargetSmart, told the New York Times. "Republicans can't say the same thing."
The "massive democratic lead" makes it "much more difficult for the Trump campaign to catch up". Louisiana pollster John Couvillon, who tracks voter statistics, told The Hill. The Democratic Party is armed with information to target areas with lower postal participation.
Republican voters may have taken President Donald Trump's repeated horrific and unfounded warnings about flawed postal ballot papers to heart, while Democrats ignored them. Bad weather, fears of catching COVID-19, and long, slow lines could further deter GOP voters waiting for election day from voting.
As of Sunday, more than 9 million ballots were received by electoral officials in the 30 states who provide the data. (About two-thirds of early voters are either independent or their party affiliations are not recorded.)
In five states - including the Wisconsin and Minnesota battlefields - the number of ballots returned is more than 20% of the total votes for 2016, according to McDonald's Tracking.
In Wisconsin, around 146,000 people voted through the mail in 2016. So far this year around 647,000 people have voted by post, many of them in democratic strongholds
A full 36% of the total number of votes in 2016 in Wisconsin's mostly Democratic Dane County, which includes Madison, was already cast by postal vote, according to the Times. But voters in Republican-dominated areas of Wisconsin typically don't vote early by mail more than the previous average, according to the newspaper.
The pattern is repeated in Pittsburgh, Chapel Hill in North Carolina, Houston, and Tampa, Florida, according to the Times.
Nearly 53% of the votes cast in Florida are from registered Democrats, while Republicans accounted for just 28%, according to tracking numbers. On the Pennsylvania battlefield, registered Democrats have cast more than three-quarters of all ballots returned to date. Republicans only made up 15% of the ballot.
Voting behavior supports previous predictions that Americans - including first-time and infrequent voters who are expected to be democratic - are excited to vote in these elections.
"We're looking at multipliers of five, six, seven times less frequent voters," Bonier told The Hill. "We have been reading the tea leaves for months now. Now the voices are actually coming."
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