Florida won’t be releasing new coronavirus cases and deaths on Saturday. Here’s why

The Florida Department of Health has been sending novel coronavirus reports on test results, hospitalizations, deaths and more almost daily since March. However, a private lab that is resending 400,000 test results has clogged the system.
On Saturday, health officials said the Helix Laboratory, a private laboratory, had sent about 400,000 previously reported COVID-19 test results to the DOH on Friday evening. This has resulted in the state stopping releasing the coronavirus updates on Saturday.
This means that reporting the total number of new cases, deaths, and hospitalizations in the state will be suspended until Sunday.
"The enormous size of the data file and the need to duplicate hundreds of thousands of results prevented the Department of Health's automatic reporting system from processing yesterday's results as usual," said a statement from health officials.
State epidemiologists are working to sort the data, which will take a day.
While this will affect the state's ability to publish virus reports, it does not mean that residents will not receive their test results. Notification of positive or negative results is provided by the laboratory or facility performing the test.
The state health department may not be able to release information, but the Florida Agency for Health Care Administration's dashboard is showing new numbers for Saturday hospitalization.
As of 4:45 p.m., 2,077 COVID-19 patients were admitted to hospitals across the state, a decrease of 66 from Friday morning, according to the dashboard.
This is a significant decrease from early August when more than 5,000 COVID-19 patients were admitted to hospitals across the state
Of Saturday's hospital stays, 242 were in Miami-Dade (down 15), 203 in Broward (by eight), 113 in Palm Beach (by five), and two in Monroe (by one), the agency said.

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