Followers of the QAnon movement are lashing out at Kyle Rittenhouse for his comments on lawyer Lin Wood

Supporters of the QAnon movement meet at Kyle Rittenhouse. Sean Krajacic - Pool / Getty Images; Robert Nickelsberg / Getty Images
The QAnon community has attacked Kyle Rittenhouse for his recent comments about attorney Lin Wood.
Rittenhouse said this week that he fired Wood for his belief in "QAnon and election fraud".
Some QAnon supporters then hit Rittenhouse for his comments on QAnon-linked telegram channels.
Kyle Rittenhouse has drawn the ire of the QAnon sphere for saying he fired attorney Lin Wood for Wood's QAnon belief.
Rittenhouse angered the QAnon sphere by commenting on Wood and the QAnon movement in an interview with NewsNation on Tuesday. Wood represented Rittenhouse as the 18-year-old on charges of fatally shooting two men - Joseph Rosenbaum and Anthony Huber - and injuring another, Gaige Großkreutz, during a protest on August 25 in Kenosha, Wisconsin, last year stood before the court. Rittenhouse was acquitted of five charges last Friday.
"We fired him for doing all this QAnon and election fraud stuff that we disagree with," said Rittenhouse.
“He's crazy ... how he thinks he's God and he just says all these weird things. For example, 'We're going to keep this boy in jail because there will be no ... civil or criminal case after the election' which is just closed insane, "added Rittenhouse.
Some people in Telegram groups associated with QAnon - an unfounded far-right conspiracy group that claims former President Donald Trump was secretly fighting a "deep state" cabal of satanic pedophiles and cannibals - hit Rittenhouse over these comments.
QAnon influencer John Sabal, better known as QAnon John, posted a message to his 71,265 subscribers on Wednesday in which he wrote, "Not too smart to shit where you sleep, Kyle ..." during the interview refers, in which Rittenhouse made these comments.
Some Telegram users on Sabal's channel hit Rittenhouse for criticizing the QAnon movement.
"Little bastard. He has no integrity and had a small brain," wrote a Telegram user with ID May Flower.
"This boy is not as good as he is played. Crisis actor or autistic ... his lawyers have the strings on this money doll. But firing a great lawyer based on his personal beliefs is not a normal thing. He's a political pawn. Patriots raised this teenager too high, "wrote another Telegram user with ID April Axsom.
Meanwhile, Telegram users on QAnon influencer Ron Watkins' channel called Rittenhouse a "false flag" and accused him of being part of a "psyop" to divide the QAnon world.
"The interview appears to be CGI. FF. The facial expressions on Rittenhouse appeared to be incorrect in some places," wrote a Telegram user with the ID Truth24Sker while discussing the interview on Watkins' channel.
Another Telegram user on Watkins' channel with the ID And1THEONE went so far as to accuse Rittenhouse of being a kid in the Sandy Hook Elementary School shooting, a popular conspiracy theory in the QAnon verse that posits that the shooting was a hoax was.
“People are fucking waking up. You are LYING AUDIO of him. It's an interview with Kyle's mother. You should all listen NOSE, "wrote the Telegram user.
Rittenhouse also beat up Wood and attorney John Pierce for raising $ 2 million as a legal defense fund for him that he said they used "for their own benefit."
For his part, Lin Wood posted on his Telegram channel on November 23rd, telling his 766,788 subscribers that he had said "enough" about Rittenhouse.
“Please know that while I am not satisfied with the people and entities who served Kyle Rittenhouse in the last false allegations against me in connection with my endeavors a year ago, I forgive and pray for them. They are influenced by the enemy and do not know what they are doing, "wrote Wood.
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