Following Claims Made on TikTok, Claudia Conway Says She Doesn’t Know Anything About the President’s Health

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Claudia Conway takes a step back from the narrative of President Trump's wellbeing after being diagnosed with COVID. The 15-year-old posted a statement on TikTok urging the public to "leave my family and me alone".
"I noticed that my recent TikToks and comments have sparked heated controversy and uproar," Claudia began her statement. "This was not my intention. I am appalled by the mainstream media's efforts to exploit a young girl which is negatively affecting my mental health. I am not the 'whistleblower' of our time. I'm just a fifteen year old girl with one Followers and bad luck when it comes to media coverage. "
The video explanation comes a few days after Claudia wrote about the president in the comments of some TikToks. "He's so ridiculous," she said at the time Trump was leaving the hospital. "Apparently he's bad lol and they're doing what they can to stabilize him." Now Claudia says she just "speculated and accepted".
"I have absolutely no 'particular' insight into the president's health," she said, clarifying that she had received no information from her mother, the president's former senior counsel Kellyanne Conway.
Claudia also made it clear that her mother hadn't lied to her about her COVID diagnosis. In a previous TikTok, Claudia claimed Kellyanne lied to her and said she tested negative. The teenager now says it was miscommunication.
"On Friday night, my mother tested positive for COVID-19. She had three different tests done. The first test was negative; the second two tests were positive. Miscommunication between us made me believe that her test was negative instead of positive without it I knew she did three tests. My mom didn't lie to me, "she wrote.
Finally, Claudia said that she is currently in isolation with her mother as they both deal with the effects of the coronavirus. "We do everything we can to stay healthy," she said. "We will enjoy our quarantine together, away from social media."
Many commentators on the video didn't believe the statement was real and instead came from Kellyanne.
"Your mom definitely got you to post this," one person wrote. "I damn well know Claudia didn't say that willingly." However, Claudia replies to all of these comments saying that they are not true and she actually wrote the statement.
Photo credit: tiktok
Photo credit: tiktok
Since Claudia posted the news, she has apparently moved on and is making other, apolitical videos on TikTok while she continues to recover from COVID at home with her mother.
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