Food Network Star Alex Guarnaschelli Is Engaged: 'I Want to Have a Blowout' Wedding, She Says

Wedding bells are in the air for Alex Guarnaschelli and her new fiancé Michael Castellon!
On Saturday, the 48-year-old Food Network star announced that her four-year-old friend had finally asked the big question and suggested it on her birthday.
Guarnaschelli tells PEOPLE that the newly engaged couple are "not in a hurry" to officially close the knot, but they are looking forward to a big party. "We are in no hurry, but I want to have a blowout," says the supermarket stakeout star. "I want a three-state tantrum."
The future bride also unveiled the weird way Castellon suggested and said that her fiance used her gullibility to trigger the surprise.
"It's funny, I think one of the reasons why we're a couple, we've been together for four years, is that he tells me everything and I'll believe him," laughs Guarnaschelli. "I get really excited and then he just starts laughing and he does it all the time."
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Cindy Ord / Getty Images Michael Castellon and Alex Guarnaschelli
The couple had planned a socially distant meeting with some friends to celebrate Guarnaschelli's birthday when she decided to run to the grocery store to get some bread for a cheese tray.
As the couple drove out of the store, judge Chopped said Castellon had stopped the car and claimed to see a stray dog. "So we were right at my house and he stopped anxiously at the roadside. And he said: 'I see a dog running around,'" Guarnaschelli recalls. "There is this little park with a windmill. He likes: 'I see a dog walking around without a leash.' ""
Castellon then left Guarnaschelli in the car to inspect what he had seen, only to run back and tell her that it was indeed a small deer.
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"So he says, 'Shh. Come and check it out. It's so cute.' And I say: "We have to do something. We have to call animal welfare. "I'm already revising the situation," explains Guarnaschelli. "We tiptoe, tiptoe full, and he says, 'It's right around the windmill.' So I look and he says, "Do you see it?" And I ask, "No, where's the baby? You promised me a little deer. "" "
"And he says: 'There is no deer.' I turn around and look and he's on one knee, "recalls the cook. "And he said, 'There is no deer.' He says, "That's why I have to marry you because you believe me every time." He said: "Do you want to marry me?" And he gave me the ring. "
According to Guarnaschelli, the ring is a family heirloom that has a photo of the beautiful emerald rock on Instagram with the heading "Ok @ chefmike808, you are there !?"
Guarnaschelli and Castellon, a co-cook, met four years ago when she went out to dinner with a friend in the restaurant where Castellon worked. "I was with a friend for dinner and in a restaurant and I knew the waiter. I had dinner and said, 'This steak is just so good,'" she recalls. "And the waiter, my friend, said, 'Oh my god, my best friend is the cook, the cook here. He's incredible. You have to meet him.'"
"I went to meet him and told him the steak was delicious and that was it," says Guarnaschelli, who was previously married to ex-husband Brandon Clark with whom she shares 12-year-old daughter Ava.
The celebrity chef also tells PEOPLE that Castellon spoke to her daughter one day and asked her mother to marry him. "I said: 'He asked me to marry him.' And she says, "All right. I mean, I think you can, Mom, "Guarnaschelli laughs." Such a 12 year old. "
Guarnaschelli raved about her fiance in her Instagram story and took a closer look at her engagement ring. "We cooks can be engagement phobics, and I've been married before? I'll enjoy a moment of real joy," she said on Sunday, which was also Father's Day.
"I lost my father almost two years ago. He would have loved to see that. @ Chefmike808 said he asked for permission. I don't know if my father had ever said OK to anyone," she joked. He later added: "He would be proud to ask @ chefmike808. Just miss that my father is everything. We all experience a loss and this is a joyful moment that I share with my father's memory.

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