Ford Bronco roof woes will delay some deliveries until 2022

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For the new Ford Bronco, the painted modular hardtop is the high-end roof option of the various on offer. It was originally supposed to be available at the end of model year 2021, but Bronco buyers who want this particular top will now have to wait until model year 2022, says Ford. Supplier Webasto is expected to experience production delays related to Covid.
Buyers have the choice of switching from the black-painted modular hardtop to the color-molded hardtop Carbonized Gray (see image above). Buyers of some models can switch to a convertible top instead (see below). Those who stick to the black-painted modular hardtop and receive a 2022 model are price protected, which means they can get their 2022 Bronco for the same price as a 2021 model. Buyers have until April 8th to make changes to their order.
In compensation, some Bronco customers receive 200,000 FordPass points (worth $ 1,000 for free service or accessories at Ford dealerships). Ford is also offering a $ 250 voucher for the Bronco Off-Roadeo driving experience. And for those who opt for the molded-in hardtop, the optional sound-absorbing headliner ($ 495) is now free.
In summary, the Bronco is available with several roof options:
A soft top is standard on four-door models with Base, Black Diamond, Outer Banks, Badlands and Big Bend.
The four-door Wildtrak and First Edition were originally intended to be delivered with the hardtop painted black, but these variants now have the molded hardtop (with a correspondingly reduced RRP).
On the two-door Broncos, a color-molded removable hardtop is standard on all panels. The black painted modular hardtop is optional except for the basic cladding.
Buyers of the four-door model can also combine the soft top with one of the two hardtop types. A glossy white modular hardtop is expected to be added from model year 2022.
Despite the production challenges, deliveries of the new Bronco are scheduled to begin in June. Ford has said it has firm orders for 125,000 Broncos. It remains to be seen how many of these will end up with first year trucks and how many with 2022 models.
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