Ford Is Having A Bad Week, A Celebrity’s Kid Was Found In A Stolen Car, And The Car That Comes With An NDA

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This week on the Motorious Podcast we talk about why Ford is having a pretty bad week. Then we discuss which celebrity's child was found in a stolen luxury car, and Jason Momoa's wreckage in his 442. Also, automakers want to keep dealers in low supply and the car you may have to sign a non-disclosure agreement to own... And a Delaware Man gets his Corvette stuck in an unusual case. Then we'll tell you which vehicle is most likely to be stolen and reveal our inventory picks of the week:
Ford is preparing to cut 8,000 jobs for EV plans
We've been told repeatedly that electric cars are the future of the automotive market, but as we've suspected for years, that future doesn't affect large parts of the industry. Those suspicions have apparently been corroborated by a new report claiming Ford is preparing to cut 8,000 jobs to pursue future electric vehicle plans. Bloomberg claims layoffs for both white-collar and hourly workers will be announced in the coming weeks.
Coming cuts will feature the new Ford Blue unit. That was created to manage the operation of internal combustion engines, which raises serious doubts as to whether Ford will continue to make ICE vehicles in the near future. Executives have spoken at length about transforming the entire company as part of the Ford+ plan, which they believe will increase consumer value and deepen brand loyalty.
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Ford Mustang continues in second place
Mopar, Ford and GM fans could argue all day about which brand is the best, whether it's about modern muscle cars, trucks and the like. However, it is not so easy to turn black and white sales figures. These have shown lately that the Dodge Challenger is king, with the Ford Mustang taking second place and the Camaro rounding out the lineup.
For the second quarter of this year, the Challenger has sold 14,558 units. While that was good enough for the top spot, it was still a 3.28% decline in sales from a year earlier, when 15,052 were sold in the second quarter.
For the Mustang, Q2 sales of 12,258 might have gotten it second place, but it also represented a 16.48% drop from a year ago. In the second quarter of 2021, the Blue Oval's ponycar was much closer to Mopar's lead, so the gap between the two appears to be increasing. Ford executives are likely feeling relieved that the Challenger is going away, although it remains to be seen what will replace it.
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Cyndi Lauper's son arrested in stolen Mercedes: police
Being raised by wealthy, famous people may sound like a dream come true, but the reality is probably very different. We don't really know, but can imagine how it might distort the sense of what is normal and expected in life. That may in part be behind the shocking news that Cyndi Lauper's 24-year-old son Declyn was arrested at the wheel of a Mercedes-Benz in New York City and stolen.
That doesn't necessarily mean that Declyn stole the Mercedes or that he even knew the car was stolen. It was illegally double-parked, so officers ran the license plates, claiming that those on the vehicle belonged to something else. That's when they started asking questions, searching the VIN and getting a hit for a 2020 stolen car report.
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