Ford Mustang prototype mystery of 'The Bulge' finally solved

What a short, strange journey with Ford's 7.3-litre Godzilla V8 petrol engine. The automaker unveiled the new centerpiece of the Super Duty lineup at the 2019 Chicago Auto Show and admitted the engine would fit in the F-150 pickup truck and Mustang, but said there was no chance it would fit them in would install both products. Ford gave the tuners a big break by offering Godzilla as a crate engine that works with a 10-speed automatic. Less than a year later, YouTuber Evan Smith, known as REVan Evan, a drag racer and tuner, who collaborated with the 7.3-liter on a Mustang dragster, followed suit. The Drive realized the same YouTuber just showed up to solve a mystery from earlier this year. In March, spy photographers caught a prototype Mustang sporting a bizarre hood bulge. Investigators put forward every theory as to what it could be, including suggesting a Godzilla-powered Mustang. Revan Evan reveals that those suspicions were correct.
There's a 540-pound lump of iron in the engine bay, but no works Mustang is planned to come out of it. As Ford engineers explain in the video, they are working on a crate engine and transmission package that would pair Godzilla with a manual transmission. The Mustang GT350 mule chosen for testing is one of the available prototypes that "just lay around," so engineers used it. The polygonal hood protrusion is intended to reveal the intake as the throttle body is angled upwards at the front of the engine as developed for the Super Duty trucks. This requires throttle bodies that continue to rise before angling 90 degrees and dropping to a cold air intake. The final crate pack will have changes such as: B. A horizontal throttle body that can slide under a Mustang's natural lines, as well as slightly shorter runners that bump up the redline, and a larger throttle flange that works with the Mustang GT500.
Right now, the 7.3-liter and 10-speed auto combo is $19,995. Ford Performance plans to have the new powertrain on sale before the end of the year at a "very competitive price".
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