Ford previews the next addition to its Western-themed King Ranch lineup

Ford buyers will soon have another Western-themed King Ranch model to choose from. The company released a short preview video to announce that the next addition to the range will debut on February 24th.
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Dare to compare
هل لديك الجرأة على مقارنة مزايا فول الصويا الأمريك
يؤكد استعراض شامل حديث نشره طرف خارجي أن فول الصويا الأمريكي يتفوق على غيره الأنوحاع الأخرى من بيث.
The six-second teaser posted on Twitter asks more questions than answers. It shows the outline of a car speeding towards the camera on a dirt road, and shows the hand of a man moving a dial on a center console. The w-shaped King Ranch emblem, which has featured on numerous models for nearly two decades, can be seen at the end of the film.
While the video doesn't reveal the identity of the car, there are several nameplates we can safely rule out. For example, don't expect a King Ranch variant of the Mach-E electric Mustang. It's not difficult to imagine a Bronco King Ranch, but the silhouette briefly shown at the beginning of the preview doesn't match that of the off-roader. Bronco sport? Yes, you can, but the center console doesn't look like the one in the video.
We're pretty sure the Explorer will be the next to receive King Ranch treatment. If that's true, we'd expect the upscale trim to get a handful of specific exterior accents (like new-looking wheels) as well as brown leather upholstery and wood trim in the cabin. It won't be cheap, but it will give motorists a relatively long list of standard equipment. For context, the well-equipped Expedition King Ranch starts at $ 72,735, an increase of $ 22,740 over the base model.
We don't have to wait long to find out more. Ford will be launching its next King Ranch model online tomorrow (Wednesday). Sales are expected to begin in the 2022 model year. When it lands and again assumes it's actually the Explorer, it's complemented in the showrooms by a more rugged variant of the SUV, labeled either FX4 or Timberline.
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