Former ‘Bachelorette’ Kaitlyn Bristowe gets some shocking news from Chris Harrison

During Monday The Bachelor: The Greatest Seasons - Ever !, season 11 bachelorette Kaitlyn Bristowe got the surprise of her life. Bristowe learned that she will compete in season 29 of Dancing With the Stars.
Bristowe had hoped to appear on the show since 2015. In 2017 she had a public conflict with Bachelor creator Mike Fleiss, who would not allow her to appear on the competitive dance show after appearing on his dating show.
Bristowe will follow in the footsteps of former bachelorette stars Trista Sutter and last season's DWTS champion Hannah Brown. Bristowe seemed quite shocked when host Chris Harrison asked if she wanted to join the cast.
"Yes yes yes yes!" exclaimed Bristowe, "I am so honored to say yes!"
Bristow has a dance background, so she should do well in the competition. She also has a large fan base that was thrilled to hear the news. It is probably safe to say that she will have the votes to make it deep into the competition regardless of dance moves.
@ nickiwithack33
Yesssssss Kaitlyn freaking out Bristowe will get her season on #DWTS !!!! In the end!!! @kaitlynbristowe it happens !! Congratulation!! #TheBachelorGOAT
5:57 AM - June 16, 2020
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Bri Cook
In the end!! The end @kaitlynbristowe deserves #TheBachelorGOAT #dwts
05:55 a.m. - June 16, 2020
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@ cristina_p3
The best end of the best season !! I can't wait to see @kaitlynbristowe on #DWTS, it's time !!!! #BachelorGoat
6:03 a.m. - June 16, 2020
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The Bachelor: The greatest seasons ever! will be broadcast on ABC on Mondays at 8 p.m.
See how Carrie Ann Inaba apologizes to Kelly Monaco 15 years after DWTS appeared:
Carrie Ann Inaba apologizes to Kelly Monaco 15 years after the DWTS series premiered
In June 2005, the Sith took revenge on Star Wars, Gwen Stefani announced that she was not a Hollaback girl, and stars danced in our homes for the first time. 15 years and 28 seasons later, Dancing With the Stars is still foxtrot, along with outrageous outfits, controversial stars, shocking moments, incredible dance moves, and some not so incredible dance moves. Host Tom Bergeron saw none of it come. In an interview with Yahoo Entertainment, Tom said, "I thought, 'Well, it could be a fun summer show. You might, you know, turn up a few weeks every summer. But don't expect us to talk about it 15 years later." Bergeron wasn't initially sold on the show, he quickly warmed up for the idea. "This is a confident, cheesy, but exciting competition from people coming out of their comfort zones." Already in this first episode, judge Kelly Ann Inaba got her first impression of Boos from the audience when she criticized the star of the General Hospital and the later winner Kelly Monaco somewhat sharply. After Kelly's first dance, Carrie Ann said, "Kelly, I didn't enjoy your dance. You looked very stiff and you looked very sophisticated. I appreciated your car, but it was very stiff. And it was not pleasant to see. "Looking back, Carrie Ann explained that she might have gotten a little strong and said," I was shocked at how aggressive the words sounded when they came out of my mouth because I meant them with compassion, but she didn't come along Compassion out, and that was a great lesson to be a judge is that you have to be really careful about how you put your words into words. ”Carrie Ann has since learned to phrase her criticism carefully and apologized to Kelly. "Kelly Monaco, I just have to apologize to you, I mean, forgive me. What I did - what I said was terrible, but I was a baby judge and I still learned how to do it." The DWTS judge then jokingly tried again. In a very diplomatic tone, Carrie Ann said, "There are things we could work on here, but there is a lot of potential" before adding, "I love you, Kelly." The show's first season had only six participants - boxing legend Evander Hollyfield, supermodel Rachel Hunter, bachelorette Trista Sutter, Joey McIntyre from New Kids on the Block, John O'Hurley from Seinfeld and Kelly Monaco. John and Kelly met in the finale, where Kelly Samba had worked so hard that their wardrobe wasn't working. The strap on Kelly's top broke and she danced through most of her samba as she clung to her top. It was an impressive achievement that Carrie Ann admitted to be the turning point for Kelly. "Suddenly she got into this mode, almost like a warrior princess mode, and she made every move harder and harder, as if to compensate for the fact that her wardrobe slipped and she wasn't unsure, and it was great," said the longtime judge. Tom was also amazed at Kelly's persistence and said, "She should have won alone. Um, you know, dancing in the middle of a live TV thing and still really, really good while holding your wardrobe together. Um, me found that pretty impressive. "Kelly ended up winning after her last dance scoring the only perfect 30 of the season, although there were some setbacks after her win because people thought John O'Hurly was better throughout the season had danced. The controversy triggered a special rematch between the two, which Carrie Ann now considers unnecessary. She said, "I don't think that was a good idea. I think the winner should only ever be the winner. Good, bad or whether you agree or disagree, too bad. It should be that way."
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