Former Bravo Reality TV Star And Surgeon Accused Of Rape Has Cases Tossed By Prosecutors

The public prosecutor's office opened several rape allegations against Dr. Rejected Grant Robicheaux, who starred in an episode of the 2014 Bravo reality show, Online Dating Rituals of the American Male.
Robicheaux and his girlfriend Cerissa Riley were charged with multiple rapes in Newport Beach, California.
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By dismissing rape allegations against them, prosecutors are focusing on a 2017 sexual assault charge against the two. This case was bolstered by new allegations that drugs were used in the attack.
The case against the two began two years ago when Robicheaux, 40, and Riley, 33 were painted as sexual predators chasing women at risk. They were accused of drugging women they met in various locations in Newport Beach and then taking them to their Newport Beach home to be sexually assaulted.
Robicheaux was charged with sexually assaulting seven women and Riley five. They both pleaded not guilty and denied that everything that happened was not consensual.
Prosecutors moved to dismiss ten sex crime charges involving six of Robicheaux's seven prosecutors. The request indicated that an independent review found that some allegations could not be proven beyond doubt.
At the same time, prosecutors called for three gun improvements made against Robicheaux and Riley to be turned down and four offenses for drug possession for sale to be reduced.
On Friday, the judge on the case asked the state to provide a brief statement explaining why it wanted to dismiss certain charges before making a decision.
If the judge decides to comply with the prosecutor's requests, the state will focus on an incident that happened in April 2017. The couple were charged with assault with intent to commit a sexual offense.
In this incident, Robicheaux allegedly started chatting with the woman on a dating app. They agreed to meet in person at a Newport Beach restaurant, with Riley joining them and posing as a friend.
The group later went to a bar and prosecutors alleged the alleged victim's drinks had been drugged. The woman, as described in her 20s, woke up during the sexual assault in the couple's home. She ran to the bathroom and locked herself in until morning.
Prosecutors allege Robicheaux and Riley used drugs to "have sex with an incapacitated victim". They also reportedly gave the woman cocaine and PCP.
"The defendants' actions to encourage the victim to overuse alcohol and drugs to ultimately prevent them from resisting intercourse were the underlying motivation for their behavior," the prosecutor wrote in their motion.
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