Former campaign volunteers say Madison Cawthorn 'fooled' them and they're supporting his primary opponents

Republican Madison Cawthorn of North Carolina in the chamber of the House of Representatives on March 1, 2022.Saul Loeb - Pool/Getty Images
Scandal-plagued GOP Rep. Madison Cawthorn faces seven challengers in the upcoming May 17 primary.
Five former campaign volunteers said he turned his back on their district and values ​​in North Carolina.
The volunteers called him "irresponsible" and told Insiders they support his main opponents.
HENDERSONVILLE, North Carolina — When Madison Cawthorn was first running for office in 2020, Bruce Rose spent hours handing out flyers in different counties, knocking on doors and watching polls to help someone he believed was helping he would be a future conservative star.
His four months of volunteering for Cawthorn's campaign consisted of working with dozens of other Republicans in an environment he described as "energetic." Now, two years later, Cawthorn is running for re-election.
As Rose looks back on his time helping Cawthorn win his first term, memories he once fondly remembered are now tinged with a sense of betrayal.
"He fooled everyone," Rose said. "I despise him ... he's a criminal and a performer."
Cawthorn, the youngest member of Congress at 26 and an outspoken Conservative, is in the political battle of his life.
Since her election to office, police have twice subpoenaed the Republican lawmaker from North Carolina for bringing a loaded gun to local airports. In March, police charged him with driving without a license -- a misdemeanor that was the latest in a string of traffic offences.
Amid the mounting scandals, of which a leaked nude video could be the latest, five former volunteers have come forward to Insider to say they will support his opponents as they feel he supports their district and conservative values has turned his back.
"He has changed. If you're campaigning for the law, you have to stand up for the law, and he doesn't," Rose said.
"It's very irresponsible," said April Holsinger, another former campaign aide for Cawthorn, referring to the congressman who carried a gun through airport security in his carry-on. "You should know whether you have a gun in your pocket or not."
Luke Ball, a spokesman for Madison Cawthorn, told Insider that they "understand that a small handful of former volunteers are supporting other candidates in the GOP primary, and they hope to get media exposure for their candidates."
"That is their prerogative, and we look forward to unifying the NC-11 GOP behind Congressman Cawthorn after a crucial win on May 11," Ball said in a statement.
Former campaign volunteers who helped Madison Cawthorn win his first term now feel betrayed. Camila DeChalus
"It was all about Madison"
Several scandals have erupted around Cawthorn in recent weeks, alienating him from members of his own party.
A political action committee filed an ethics complaint against him. Republican Senator Thom Tillis of North Carolina called for a congressional investigation into him after the Washington Examiner reported that Cawthorn may have violated insider trading laws. Retired Republican Senator Richard Burr, also from North Carolina, told CNN that "he's an embarrassment every day" after Cawthorn claimed on a podcast in March that he witnessed the drug use and suggested he did it having been invited to an "orgy" by Republican lawmakers.
Another former campaign volunteer, Greg Wiggins, says that when he first met a 24-year-old Cawthorn, he thought he was an "energetic young man" and "a great speaker". But now, nearly two years later, he says Cawthorn has changed and won't vote for him in Tuesday's primary.
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