Former NFL linebacker says he’d ‘throw around’ Tebow as a tight end

The news that the Jacksonville Jaguars are about to sign former quarterback Tim Tebow as a close end came as a surprise to many fans in the league. Several current and former players have also commented, and many of them have criticized Tebow and the Jags.
One such player is former New England Patriots linebacker Rob Ninkovich. He sacked Tebow 1.5 times in the Broncos' playoff loss to New England in 2012, and even four years outside of the league, Ninkovich seems to believe he could still end up doing the same thing with Tebow as he did in ESPN's Get Up! "
"No. No," Ninkovich said when asked by show host Mike Greenberg if he thinks Tebow will be on the Jaguars 53-man list in Week 1. I haven't played in four years, me could throw Tim Tebow around as a tight end, look, listen, you can't just go from quarterback to a tight end.
"You can't do it. There are people on rosters and this is one of the problems I have with this whole thing. There is a kid who is just leaving college and wants an opportunity and just wants that roster seat, to go out and have the opportunity to possibly team up. Tim Tebow had that opportunity in the NFL. He had his chance in the NFL. He was a quarterback - it didn't take long. Then he wanted to go play baseball - OK. Go play baseball. It didn't work in baseball. "
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That's fair criticism from Ninkovich, as it's hard to argue that the recurring interest in Tebow is based more on merit than his fame. But Ninkovich is very confident that Tebow will be "exposed" in the NFL if he plays a close end.
"Now his relationship with Urban Meyer gives him another chance to play football," he said. "But it's not like that in football, and that's one reason why I love football and fell in love with the game. You can't hide." You can't hide in football. You can't go into the left box and just go anywhere. If you are in this field and put on pads, you are exposed. That's why I love the game. When you put on pads and someone speaks, say, "Okay, let's put on pads. Let's see who the tough guy is. You can see the people who can play. You can see it with your eyes. The movie is lying The eye in the sky - you should say, “The eye in the sky doesn't lie.” Because as soon as this film is shown, you will be exposed.
"For me, I don't think a quarterback mentally goes into a physical position where you have to block and go up against tall men for him to do that."
Ninkovich is nowhere near the only person to have these opinions, but only time will tell if Tebow can successfully make the move. His chances of making the 53-man roster are slim, but if he does, expect NFL linebackers to try to set him on fire when they get the chance.
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