Former Police Officer Sentenced To Home Detention After Rape Conviction

A former Baltimore County police officer was sentenced to house arrest after he was convicted of raping a 22-year-old woman in his spare time at his home four years ago.
On Friday, Baltimore County District Court Judge Keith Truffer sentenced Anthony Michael Westerman, 27, to 15 years in prison but gave all but four years' imprisonment and allowed him to serve it at home while his attorneys are appealing to the prosecutor from Baltimore County.
In August, Westerman was convicted of double second degree rape, a third degree sex offense, a fourth degree sex offense, and a second degree assault on the woman in October 2017. Woman in June 2019. Westerman was sentenced to one day in prison for the attack, according to Truffer Prosecutors described as "fearless" behavior.
At the verdict hearing, Truffer said he was only trying to convict Westerman of second degree rape and that the verdicts were merged, according to a statement from the Baltimore County District Attorney.
Truffer said there was "no evidence of mental harm to the victim" even though she said she had received therapy, prosecutors said.
Westerman came under the focus of a police investigation in 2019 when at least three women accused him of sexual assault. The women all knew each other and had compared their encounters with the police officer, according to the Baltimore Sun.
In the 2017 rape case, Westerman met two women in a bar and promised to arrange an Uber to take them to the second woman's house, but they ended up at his house. Prosecutors said Westerman raped the woman after she passed out after drinking too much. The defense claimed that the woman was never passed out and that it was consensual sex.
In the 2019 incident, Westermann was at a party with another 22-year-old woman. According to the Baltimore Sun, he grabbed and kissed her repeatedly until she left.
The cases were all heard before the judge without a jury. Westerman's defense attorney Brian Thompson told the newspaper that his client took this route to avoid long waits for trial due to the backlog of cases created by the pandemic.
"The only reason he moved to a lawsuit after 15 months was because there was no end in sight and he wanted to get it over with," Thompson said. "But for the pandemic, we would have negotiated these cases separately in front of juries."
"I'm disappointed with the result," District Attorney Scott Shellenberger told the Baltimore Sun. "I don't think house arrest is appropriate if you are convicted of second degree rape, and I don't think only four years is appropriate for this type of crime."
Prosecutors said Westerman is unlikely to serve a prison term as house arrest counts towards prison time and the appeal process will be lengthy.
"This was a 'he said she said' case where everyone was drunk," Thompson said in a statement to WBAL. “The alleged victim waited over two years to report this to the police. The claim that she was passed out is not true. She admitted under oath that not only was she conscious, but that she had committed sexual acts very incompatible with a non-consensual encounter. We intend to appeal this conviction and we will not rest until Officer Westerman's name is cleared. "
Westerman was suspended without pay after his indictment. On Monday, the department announced in a tweet that he had been fired.
In the third incident, he was acquitted.
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