Former Raiders LB Will Compton says DC Paul Guenther game plan too complicated, lacked accountability

If you're wondering why Paul Guenther, despite being a well-respected NFL defender, could never make the Raiders defense look like a competitive unit, former Raiders linebacker Will Compton might have an explanation.
Compton played nine games for the Raiders under Günther last season but hasn't been brought back this season. Instead, the Raiders invested in free agents Nick Kwiatkoski and Cory Littleton in the free agency to try to improve the unit.
Littleton was considered one of the best all-round linebackers in football last season, but struggled to gain a foothold with the Raiders. Kwiatkoski was better but also seemed a little lost at times to be in the right position. Nobody managed to stop the Raiders defenses from getting consistently injured in both pass and run.
After the team lost to the Colts in Week 14, a game that had a significant impact on the playoffs, Günther was fired. Something that many considered long overdue.
Compton appeared on his "Bussing with the Boys" podcast this week, noting that Günther was in the hot seat last season, but an improved game allowed him to keep his job with the hope that an influx of talent would be the answer would be. It wasn't like that, so Günther was gone.
First, Compton notes a lack of accountability on the part of Günther.
"When I took Tahir [Whitehead] on, you felt like they were going to throw Tahir under the bus a little," Compton said. “And as a gamer who attended those meetings while playing and understood how the headset works and all that stuff, you'd be blaming that you just don't like to be seen for not wanting to play the guilt game on the internet in the middle of the year. Take responsibility and accountability.
“I'm not a coach. But if you've been in football for a very long time, you want to see in a coach someone who can train, who can teach, who can teach game plans, and who can help players understand why you are building a game plan in the first place. You want to be able to inspire your athletes. You want to be in relationship with guys. You want to be optimistic. You want to be someone who comes in and you know you will have a good attitude because you will all find out together. You want a coach who is to blame when bad things happen. . . In my opinion, [Paul Günther] didn't tick many of these boxes. "
One thing that Günther had to be responsible for, according to Compton, was how difficult it was for the players to digest the game plan during the week and on game day, which caused many of the players' communication disruptions.
"There would be times when communication would get out of whack. As the week progressed, the communication center would change." There are many things that you did not understand why we did things. And the entire game plan was open on game day, regardless of whether you worked on it during the week or not. "
Compton said it's not uncommon to practice 25-30 games for third relegation only when it's more typical to play half as many third relegation games. And even then it wouldn't matter, because the entire matchbook was open on match day.
"It was like being in a Madden playbook, which was difficult because you're trying to remember a lot of the communication," Compton continued. “They want the guys to play and communicate quickly, efficiently. You want the guys to be able to communicate quickly and understand what is happening and what the crime is doing to them right out of the crowd. You don't want a lot of that stuff on your head, blah blah blah, you think you think twice like we should have this check, is it this check? It was just very busy. "
If the Raiders' defense is less about their talent on the field and more about swimming their heads on match day, we should improve on the last two games of the season.
Rod Marinelli could use the same game book, but if all he's done has simplified things and Compton is right, players should be able to play faster with fewer rounds in coverage and running fits.

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