Former Royal Reveals Queen Elizabeth's Favorite Meal & Surprising Food Tastes

One might think that Queen Elizabeth's diet consists of elaborate, high-priced dishes (including, of course, dark chocolate). On the contrary, the 96-year-old monarch is content with plain and simple dishes.
In an interview with Coffee Friend, Her Majesty's former chef, Darren McGrady, opened up about her favorite meal of the day, afternoon snacks and surprising tastes. As it turns out, the Queen has quite a sweet tooth.
When asked about the monarch's favorite meal, McGrady said: "The Queen drank afternoon tea every day, wherever she was in the world. Whether we were at Buckingham Palace and she was alone for tea, or whether she had Prince William join her, or whether she was hosting a garden party for 6,000 people, or even being on the Royal Britannia in Australia. The Queen loved afternoon tea...if I was there she would surely sit down for tea religiously."
McGrady also explained that at this point, the Queen is indulging in her favorite sweet treats. “There were small cakes for afternoon tea. Anything from a mini chocolate eclair to a queen's cake, and also large cakes that we would call a piece of cake where the queen could cut a piece of cake. This could be honey and cream sponge, a fruitcake, gingerbread, banana bread, chocolate chip cookie cake - one of her favorites - or a chocolate ganache cake. They were served with Earl Gray tea, and that was afternoon tea for the Queen every day.
We're not too surprised that the Queen likes to get her sugar solution with a steaming cup of tea. What surprises us, however, is her penchant for foods that are "frugal" and "simple."
"The only thing you can say about the Queen is that she's very frugal," McGrady explained. "It was one of the things that really surprised me, moving from the Savoy to Buckingham Palace, I thought there was smoked salmon, foie gras, caviar every day, but no. The Queen is very, very frugal and it's plain and simple food. This comes from her early years growing up during the war.
Delicious sweets and affordable food? Sounds like we have a lot in common with Her Majesty.
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