Former Vogue employees share stories of racism, pay disparity after Anna Wintour admits 'mistakes'

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Former Vogue employees share their first-hand experience of racism while working in the magazine.
Days after an internal email from Vogue editor-in-chief Anna Wintour was published, acknowledging past "mistakes" and "injurious" acts, several former employees spoke about their time at the magazine.
Shelby Ivey Christie worked for Vogue and the parent media organization Condé Nast in 2016 as a planner for digital marketing and sales. In a series of tweets, Christie called the time she spent in the company the "most challenging" and "most miserable time of her career". It cites strenuous working hours, wage differentials for black employees and a toxic work environment in which racist statements were common.
Vogue editor-in-chief Anna Wintour has recognized the magazine for "injurious" racial "mistakes" in the past and apologized for it. (Photo by Karwai Tang / WireImage)
Christie said that a white male manager came to a meeting with the digital business team wearing a chicken suit, gold chains, and loose pants. According to Christie, the nameless manager started rapping the entire team as a "prelude" to the meeting. While Christie and other black employees found the incident disturbing, she said the human resources department was laughing - and despite complaints from several black employees, the man was neither reprimanded nor fired.
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"There is a video of it - we showed HR," she continued. "They saw it and sent a little email addressing them vaguely."
Shelby Ivey Christie

June 10, 2020
Reply to @bronze_bombSHEL
Another thing I want to mention about my time at Conde is how overqualified the black employees were

Example: At Vogue the social media managers + directors were black at the time. They were both Ivy League graduates. It was like that over pubs - Our white colleagues .............
Shelby Ivey Christie

I was hired to act. I previously held a media role with one of the world's largest media agencies and previously worked for three other publications

My white colleagues had no relevant previous knowledge, just nepotism. Black employees were overqualified + underpaid
01:37 - June 10, 2020
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Christie wrote that her direct manager, even though he was Asian, was said not to be an ally of the organization's minorities.
"He knew how I was treated and didn't stand up for me - but to a certain extent, he couldn't because the top management abused and abused him because he wasn't white enough," she said.
Shelby Ivey Christie

If you want to learn more about classicism at Vogue, read this thread and imagine how bad it was for black employees
https: //
/ status / 1270497848140926976
Of course I can't comment on the race, but the classicism in Vogue was astounding - on my first day I was asked if I had packed my porridge because they all went out for sushi and I wasn't invited as they were. I didn't think I would eat anything like that.
https: //
L / status / 1270469180169621504
02:31 - June 10, 2020
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Diet Prada, a fashion watchdog account, shared tweets from Christie and Zara Rahim, Vogue's former communications director.
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Rahim, who worked for the organization in 2017, paid employees with color significantly less than their white counterparts, especially the white woman who replaced them.
Zara Rahim

@ ZaraRahim
June 9, 2020
Reply to @ZaraRahim
The trauma that I wear from Conde is difficult for me. I was the only colored woman in a leadership role. I am not black. In the end, I was told I was complaining too much.

Check out these mastheads and tell me that this was an accident.
Zara Rahim

@ ZaraRahim
These institutions do this because they can get away with it. When I left, my salary went up by $ 60,000. $ 60,000! Whites share their salaries with POC colleagues and normalize them. My last job was impossible to get away with wage differentials because everyone shared.
00:27 - June 10, 2020
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Rahim tweeted that although she had contributed more to Rahim's role than the previous employee, she earned $ 50,000 less than the woman who replaced her.
“There are people who have these keys and have held them for decades. They know what they're doing, fire them, ”she wrote. "... The trauma that I wear from Conde is difficult for me. I was the only colored woman in a leadership role. I am not black. In the end, I was told that I was complaining too much.
I hated working at @CondeNast. It was the most racist company I've ever worked for. I spent 3 months as an associate director in the @TeenVogue marketing team. Quit their asses a week in advance because it's all they deserve. The micro-attacks were higher than ever!
02:31 - June 10, 2020
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Despite not being a Vogue associate, journalist Noor Tagouri shared her experience when asked to write for the magazine after being misidentified in a 2019 issue for Pakistani actress Noor Bukhari.
Journalist Noor Tagouri was misidentified by Vogue magazine and denied a formal apology. (Image via Getty Images)
Tagouri wrote on Twitter that the magazine rejected the apology for her misidentification and would not publish a Tagouri story that profiled other women who were misidentified. According to Tagouri, the magazine said to her: "Vogue would not release two diversity pieces in one calendar year."
The incident was just one of many that the magazine reportedly refused to own due to its misidentification and lack of diversity.
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