Fox News affiliate journalist Ivory Hecker blasts 'Fox Corp.' on air for 'muzzling' her, says she plans to send 'recordings' to far-right group Project Veritas

Ivory Hecker said on a live broadcast that she would be broadcasting recordings to far-right group Project Veritas about what is going on behind the scenes at Fox News.
Fox News 26 reporter Ivory Hecker said on live television that she would go to Project Veritas with behind-the-scenes footage.
Project Veritas is a right-wing extremist organization whose stated aim is to "investigate and expose corruption".
The group is known for their early attempts to discredit Planned Parenthood in a spiked operation.
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A reporter from Houston's Fox News subsidiary said during a live broadcast Monday that "Fox Corp." muzzled her - and announced that she would go to the right-wing extremist group Project Veritas with behind-the-scenes footage.
"I'd like to let you know for the audience that Fox Corp. muzzled me to hide certain information from you," said Ivory Hecker, who is a general contract reporter and filler for Fox subsidiary Fox 26 Houston.
"From what I collect, I am not the only reporter exposed to this issue. I will be posting some footage of what is going on behind the scenes at Fox because it applies to you, the viewers," said you.
Hecker, 32, added that with these secret footage she would go to right-wing extremist group Project Veritas. Hecker's breaking the network clip was also posted on Project Veritas' YouTube channel.
Hecker did not elaborate on the content of the recordings and did not immediately respond to a request for comment from Insider.
Project Veritas is a far-right group that claims in its mission statement to "investigate and uncover corruption, dishonesty, self-trafficking, waste, fraud and other wrongdoing in public and private institutions in order to create a more ethical" and transparent society. "
Insider reported in 2017 that Project Veritas founder James O'Keefe attempted to discredit the Washington Post in a failed operation by having a member of the organization pretend to be a victim of sexual assault. O'Keefe and Project Veritas are also known for attempting a spike operation to "reveal" planned parenting by secretly recording and reprocessing conversations with young women posing as abortion clients.
A spokesman for Project Veritas told Insider that Hecker will sit down for an interview with the group Tuesday evening to discuss allegations of “corruption” and “censorship” she has against her employer. The spokeswoman added that Hecker will, among other things, "blow the whistle" and talk about how she thinks corporate journalism is "broken"
It is unclear whether Hecker still works for Fox 26. However, Hecker's Twitter bio still lists her as the network's TV news reporter.
Fox 26 Houston did not immediately respond to a request for comment from Insider regarding her employment status.
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