Fox News airs package debunking its own election fraud claims following legal threat

The segment was broadcast during the weekend shows by Fox presenters Lou Dobbs, Jeanine Pirro and Maria Bartiromo (Fox Business).
Fox has aired a number of unusual news packages exposing unsubstantiated allegations of election fraud on the network brought against the broadcaster as part of a legal threat from an electronic voting company.
The segment, which aired during Fox presenters Lou Dobbs, Jeanine Pirro and Maria Bartiromo's shows over the weekend, included an interview with voting technology expert Eddie Perez.
The shows, which are hosted by ardent supporters of the President, were all mentioned in a letter of formal notice from Smartmatic threatening legal action against Fox News for an alleged "disinformation campaign" against the company.
In the clip, the non-partisan expert on Open Source Election Technology from Palo Alto exposes allegations about the company that is platformed in the network.
"There are many opinions about the integrity of the elections, the irregularities in the postal voting, the voting machines and the voting software," said Dobbs in a foreword to the interview.
The host said the network had "sought its insights and views from one of the leading authorities in open source election software, Eddie Perez," "its assessment of Smartmatic, and recent claims about the company."
During the interview, which appeared pre-recorded and did not include Mr Dobbs, Mr Perez said he saw no evidence that Smartmatic software was being used to delete, alter, alter, or review polls on other conspiracy theories.
On Saturday, guest presenter Lisa Boothe, who stood up for Ms. Pirro, conducted an almost identical review of the facts as Maria Sara Bartiromo did on Sunday.
The release comes after Smartmatic, in the letter, accused the broadcaster of making "demonstrably false and defamatory" statements that the company helped reverse the election for Joe Biden.
The London-based company threatened action unless the broadcaster completely pulled back unsubstantiated claims that software developed by a U.S. subsidiary that it had sold more than a decade ago was changing its bottom line.
"The damage your disinformation campaign has done, and will do, to Smartmatic's revenues and business valuation is measured in hundreds of millions, if not billions of dollars," Smartmatic said in the letter to Fox's legal advisor.
Erik Connolly, an attorney for Smartmatic, told CNN, "We are unable to comment due to potential litigation."
Fox News did not immediately respond to The Independent's request for comment.
Mr Perez told CNN that he believed Fox's coverage contained allegations "that are speculative, not factual, and many of which increase public confidence in the legitimacy of the election results".
"I thought it was important to speak to Fox News," Perez told the broadcaster. "When something is possibly more important to getting the facts out to your audience because there are many Fox News consumers who have doubts about the choice."
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