Fox News’ Brian Kilmeade Says Donald Trump Was ‘Unhinged’ Before Jan. 6 Riot (Video)

Fox News anchor Brian Kilmeade launched an unexpected broadside against Donald Trump, calling the former president "out of control" following the 2020 election in the lead up to the Jan. 6, 2021 Capitol riots.
Kilmeade spoke on Sunday's Howard Kurtz's "Media Buzz" show about the Jan. 6 House hearings and also dismissed Trump's repeated claims that "he was robbed" due to widespread voter fraud. "I haven't seen any evidence," he said, adding that Trump's ongoing false claims are hurting his chances of a political comeback.
“I've said this before, I believe from the time the election results came out until January 6th is the worst moment of Donald Trump's political career and if he had just said I have problems, I will have mine Look at the legal team, if he welcomed the Bidens into the White House he'd have an approval rating of about 70% right now and would be vocal about getting him back in office," the Fox & Friends host said. . “It would be a coronation, not even an election. So I think how you lose in life defines who you are and even if there are things that bother you, welcome to the world.”
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Kilmeade underscored that Trump's attorneys have repeatedly failed to find evidence of widespread voter fraud that would have altered election results in every battleground state. "Your team couldn't prove it, go ahead," Kilmeade said. "And the people who I think he trusted very much kept telling him the other side of the story. Don't give up, Mr. President. Here's something. You owe it to your party to keep fighting and he kept listening to that.”
While Kilmeade suggested that in recent months it would have "helped the Trump administration get a backlash" from senior White House officials, it could have played a role.
"The President was thrown off balance during that time," he said, recalling an interview Kilmeade conducted between the election and Jan. 6 at West Point. "I've never seen him so angry. ... As soon as he was done, he just stormed off, and you know — I've known him for 15 or 20 years before he went to the White House — I've never seen him so angry."
Watch the segment above.
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