Fox News' Dana Perino Makes 'Nonsensical' Comment About Wind Power

Fox News' Dana Perino suffered a setback Thursday after claiming wind power is not green because the turbines are not recyclable. (Check out the video below.)
The Five co-host spoke to guest Tucker Carlson about the “green energy agenda,” including wind power, when Perino made an observation that at least one person on Twitter described as “nonsensical”:
“Another thing that we haven't mentioned here that is part of it is that when these wind turbines - when the rotor blades end their lifespan, their useful life - if they land in a landfill, they don't disintegrate. You can't recycle them. You will be there forever. So I think there is just a misunderstanding of how really green these are. "
Carlson, who was on the show for his "Tucker Carlson Originals" episode denigrating the wind power industry, replied, "Well, that's right. There is no painless way to gain energy. Every energy has a downside. "
While the two seemed unclear about the concept of renewable energies in the clip, Perino also seemed to be misleading about the actual renewability of materials in wind turbines. She noticed a landfill in Wyoming with disused turbine blades, usually made of carbon fiber, buried.
She didn't mention, however, that "about 85% of turbine components, including steel, copper wire, electronics, and gears, can be recycled or reused," Bloomberg wrote in a 2020 article on landfill turbines.
The American Wind Energy Association in Washington says that the rotor blades "unlike waste from other energy sources, are landfill safe and represent a small fraction of all US municipal waste."
Mocking Perino's comment was a no-brainer for many on Twitter:
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