Fox News Doctor To Examine Trump, And Twitter Users Jokingly 'Leak' Footage

President Donald Trump is fed up with people thinking he's sick, so he has a live exam on TV.
The president tested positive for COVID-19 last week but claimed on Thursday night that he was "in great shape" for Fox News host Sean Hannity in a very scratchy voice.
He apparently wants to prove it on Tucker Carlson's show on Friday night by telling Dr. Marc Siegel, a Fox News employee, has a medical evaluation of the President done during the program.
Anyone expecting an honest, transparent look at the president's health can easily be disappointed. Media Matters for America points out that Siegel is known for combining coronavirus misinformation with pro-Trump sycophancy.
As a result, many Twitter users were skeptical. Very skeptical.
Some wondered why Carlson's show was selected for testing, but answered their own question.
Others jokingly "joked" photos from the exam.
Little did I know Trump would take his exam from Dr. Nick from the Simpsons on Fox News. Seems pretty legit ... COUGH COUGH
- Andrew Goetz (@AndrewRGoetz) October 9, 2020
Others were reminded of a time when another authoritarian ruler tried to address health concerns - bad.
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Another person suggested what Trump could do for an encore after testing.
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