Fox News’ Mark Levin Calls Out Laura Ingraham’s Snub of Dr. Oz’s Senate Run: She ‘Has a Cork Up Her Nose at This’

Fox News' Mark Levin took action against colleague Laura Ingraham, criticizing her disdain for Dr. Mehmet Oz, a famous cardiac surgeon-turned-Pennsylvania Senate nominee, said she had "a cork in her nose" about this "perfectly legitimate conservative." .”
"For some reason the 10 p.m. woman has a genuine hatred of Oz," he said on Friday's "Mark Levin Show," substituting her name for her time slot on the ultra-right network. "I don't hate Oz. I don't hate [Pennsylvania Senate nominee David] McCormick. I think they are both great men. I don't really hate any of these candidates. But at 10 p.m. something is going on. I'm a Pennsylvanian. 10 p.m. - he's not Pennsylvania. But some people, because they have a camera in front of their face, think they actually know what's best for them without asking."
He continued: "Sounds like a perfectly nice guy, sounds like a perfectly legitimate conservative. No need to tear the guy down I don't think - Are you Mr. Producer? And yet these people get these platforms, they think they're so smart. 10 p.m. – she has a cork in her nose. I don't know what the problem is."
You can listen to Levin by clicking here.
Last month, the host of The Ingraham Angle slammed former President Donald Trump and his Fox News colleague Sean Hannity for their support of Oz. Ingraham called her endorsement a "mistake" and said she couldn't get past the candidate's previous liberal positions that he hasn't retracted, such as B. His attitude towards gun control and abortion.
dr Oz announced that he would be entering the Pennsylvania Senate race in November and posted his reasoning on his official website. "Today, America's heartbeat is in a red code and needs a defibrillator to bring it back to life," it begins. "I'm running for the US Senate to rekindle our divine spark, to fight bravely for freedom, and to tell it like it is," it concludes.
While some, like Levin, have supported his candidacy, others have poked fun at it.
"Before his run, Dr. Oz had a lucrative career as a liar who sold questionable advice on TV, such as saying coffee bean pills can help treat weight loss, raspberry ketone burns fat, and zodiac signs "can reveal a lot about your health." '" Stephen Colbert said on his late-night show. "Sure, who doesn't love it when their doctor says, 'Mr. Johnson, you have Cancer... as your zodiac sign, which means an office pal could turn into a romance.'"

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