Fox News' Tucker Carlson is reportedly a 'primary supersecret source' for journalists

Tucker Carlson Chip Somodevilla / Getty Images
Despite persecuting journalists as "animals," Fox News host Tucker Carlson is reportedly known as a "great" anonymous source for reporters, including in "unflattering" stories about former President Donald Trump.
The New York Times’s Ben Smith reported on Sunday on Carlson’s "reputation as a source of gossip and insight into the Trump administration," and 16 journalists confirmed the Fox host was a "great source" despite publicly attacking the news media and accuses reporters of lying on his show.
"In Trump's Washington, Tucker Carlson is a primary super-secret source," writes Michael Wolff, author of the 2018 book on the Trump Administration Fire and Fury, allegedly in a new collection of articles. "I know this because I know what he told me and I can trace his exquisite, too-good-not-true-gossip through no-source reports and how it often turns up in accepted wisdom."
In fact, the Times writes that "one of Washington's open secrets" is that Carlson spends time "trading gossip" with the media and is said to be the "target for sometimes unflattering stories" about Trump. He's also reportedly a focal point for stories about Fox News itself. For example, CNN's Brian Stelter told the Times that "you can see Tucker's fingerprints all over the hardcover" edition of his Fox News book Hoax (although Stelter said he " couldn't bear to speak to Carlson about the new paperback edition). And The Daily Beast's Maxwell Tani said that every time a "positive story about Tucker" comes out, Fox News executives "assume he was involved".
On the transcript, Carlson told the Times, “I don't know any gossip. I live in a town of 100 people. ”Still, one reporter said,“ It is so unknown to the public how much he plays on both sides. ” Read more at the New York Times.
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