Frank Vogel, Lakers vent about calls Jimmy Butler got at end of Game 5

Frank Vogel will write a check to the league in the next 48 hours.
Vogel spoke for a Lakers team that was frustrated with the calls Jimmy Butler received in the final two minutes of Sunday's Heat's Game 5 win. One was on Markieff Morris, and the one foul Butler pulled on Anthony Davis resulted in the free throws that put the heat on forever by 16.8 seconds.
"I felt like two bad calls got butlers up in the end, you know, and that's unfortunate in a game of this size," said Vogel. “Anthony Davis has perfect verticality and should be a game. And before that, Markieff Morris had his hands on the ball, it should be a game. They received four free throws and made it a tough fight for us. Very disappointed with this aspect of the game but our group is fine. We will recover strongly. "
That will draw Vogel a fine for criticizing the referees. He knew when he said it, but this is a game every coach since Phil Jackson has played in the final - criticize the office and take the fine in hopes of swaying the referees a bit in the next game.
"A couple, you know, questionable calls that staggered their way and put Jimmy on the free-throw line," LeBron James said, more diplomatically. "Of course we can't. He was almost perfect on the show's free-throw line."
These were close calls Jimmy Butler received, but the replay showed that Davis wasn't vertical, but rather pushed some forward as noted on the broadcast. In the NBA, these calls usually go to the aggressive attacker on the offensive - LeBron receives many of these calls. Butler got them in game 5.
Therefore there will be a game 6.
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