Frenchman in right-to-die case to stop food, medicine

A terminally ill Frenchman who had planned to broadcast his death live on social media told AFP on Saturday that he would refuse all food and medication "until the end".
Alain Cocq, 57, had already announced that he would refuse all food, drinks and medication from September 5 after French President Emmanuel Macron rejected his euthanasia request.
But he accepted palliative care after refusing food and medication for more than three days because the pain had become unbearable.
"Starting at midnight on Monday October 12th, I will be cutting off all hydration, nutrition and treatment except pain medication," he told AFP.
"I'll go to the end."
Cocq has a rare genetic disorder that causes the walls of his arteries to stick together.
He used his plight to draw attention to the situation of terminally ill patients in France who are not allowed to die according to their wishes.
Cocq said that when he accepted palliative care after his failed first attempt, the emergency medical team had to re-supply him with fluids and food for the pain relievers to work.
He said he learned a lesson from it.
"This time, I'll put my wish in writing ... even if I seek medical help at some point, it doesn't mean I want to live.
"It would mean that I can no longer bear the suffering and that I seek deep and lasting reassurance," he said.
Death rights cases have long been an emotional issue in France.
Most polarizing was the case of Vincent Lambert, who was left in a vegetative state after a traffic accident in 2008 and died in July last year after doctors suspended life support after a long legal battle.
The case split the country and Lambert's own family, with his parents using all legal avenues to keep him alive, but his wife and nephew insisted he should die.
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