Funny Family Holiday Cards That Find The Humor In 2020

Apparently every aspect of the holiday season is different this year, so it's only natural that the family holiday card tradition should change a bit too.
Instead of beautiful photos, many families get creative with their Christmas cards - from zoom topics to dumpster fire jokes to really honest snapshots.
We asked the HuffPost parenting Facebook community to share their 2020 mailers. Keep scrolling for a fun (and serious) selection of Christmas cards grouped together this year.
"At least my kids will remember Christmas ... 'Yeah, do you remember when mom let us pose by a dumpster?'"
"We welcomed a special guest into ours. We thought it would bring some humor to a dark year. :)"
"My husband wanted me to add a dumpster fire, but I thought that might be too much."
"Season's (6ft) Greetings! 'The Boring Twenties'"
"This picture is of our daughter Quinn. These were originally for her birthday pictures. She told me the photo shoot was over."
"Virtual Santa Claus visit!"
"This card template that we used appealed to us because we personally dealt with many of the items mentioned. For example, we had to evacuate because of a fire in October."
"Our Christmas cards have been inappropriate for nine years!"
"We are known for sending fun production value Christmas cards to a list that has grown over the years. Earlier cards include confetti cannons and goofy string that recreate 'Home Alone' and make a leg lamp for the Christmas story."
"It's not how I ordered it, but that's what it turned out to be. Almost sums up how this year went."
"Happy Holidays from the Ruins of 2020!"
"The front really sums it up."
"Despite all the madness, we have realized how much we excel at being antisocial. It's like our whole life has been a dress rehearsal for 2020. Decades of uncomfortable wall blooms, negative (or not received) party invitations, and the slow Withdrawing from the rooms has made us die-hard professional introverts. And this is where we belong. We have arrived. 2020 is our time to shine. We're the kings and queens of absence, coffee-stained pajama bottoms, Thai takeaway and toilet paper. Bow you. "
“A friend of mine is a photographer and did a social distance photoshoot for us earlier this year when we were all pretty deeply immersed in stay-at-home mode. I've found that maintaining a sense of humor is that was the best way to keep my sense of peace going in this turbulent year! "
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