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The legal hits just keep coming for Chris and Roberta Laundrie.
Brian Laundrie's parents have just lost another legal filing ahead of their trial with Gabby Petito's parents.
According to, Judge Hunter W. Carroll denied the laundry's request to limit the scope of its statements in the lawsuit filed by Joe Petito and Nichole Schmidt.
Brian Laundrie's parents suffer another legal loss!
He ruled the motion, which aimed to limit testimony to the weeks after Gabby's death and prevent further embarrassment for Chris and Roberta, was "too narrow".
Judge Carroll also ruled that her motion would directly exclude pertinent evidence based on the claims in the lawsuit that the laundries knew of Gabby's murder and did nothing.
Chris & Roberta Laundrie deposits are NOT capped
"The court finds that there was really no evidence of any prior wrongdoing by the plaintiffs," Judge Carroll said during Tuesday's hearing on the motion. "Normally we wouldn't issue an order like this without something going on other than the fact that there's a lot of media scrutiny."
The Blast previously reported on the laundry's application, which was filed in October.
Brian Laundry Gabby Petito 2
According to Fox News, Chris and Roberta's attorneys filed a motion asking the court to enforce a narrow set of questions regarding Gabby's murder.
The 22-year-old was strangled by Brian in August 2021.
The defense team asked Judge Carroll to limit questions to details from August 27, 2021 through September 19, 2021.
Gabby's parents believe she was murdered on or around August 27 and her remains were discovered on September 19, 2021 in a Wyoming national park.
"We are only attempting to limit the questioning to matters and the timeframe relevant to the lawsuit being filed," said Steve Bertolino, attorney for the Laundrie family, on Friday, October 28.
Instagram | Gabi Petito
The motion recognizes that Petito's family and the general public are seeking further answers related to the 22-year-old's death; however, it is also argued that public interest is not enough to compel laundries to answer a wider range of questions.
Following Judge Carroll's decision on November 28, 2022, Laundrie family attorney Matthew Luka released a statement.
Laundries 'disappointed' with judge's denial
"Obviously we are disappointed that [Judge Carroll] did not rule in our favour, but we have a great judge and he takes our arguments very seriously, so I appreciate the thought he has given our case," he told Luke. "The testimonies continue. And I know that Mr. Reilly and I will work together to ensure that the questions asked are reasonable and fair."
Pat Reilly, Schmidt and Petito's attorney, said their testimonies will most likely NOT take place on December 1 as originally planned.
He will request a postponement to await the results of his FOIA request on evidence and testimony the FBI collected during its investigation into Gabby's disappearance, according to
This is Gabby's parents' second pretrial victory in Sarasota County Circuit Court.

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