Gabrielle Union suggests major changes in entertainment industry: 'Dismantle the whole thing'

Gabrielle Union participated in the Daily Show with Trevor Noah on Tuesday to discuss her recent complaint against American talent producers and NBCUniversal, including Paul Telegdy, chairman of NBC Entertainment, and Simon Cowell's Union production judge for America's Got Talent acted as a victim of racial discrimination. Union believes that the problem is not only with AGT or NBC, but that it is a systemic problem in the entertainment industry.
“We have been so committed to the industry - I mean, and every industry faces the same problem - to find out how to deal with the bad apples instead of addressing them and holding them accountable, and there are real consequences Union said.
Union believes the industry needs to be more diverse from top to bottom. She admits that it may not be possible to achieve significant results without significant changes.
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"You have to dismantle the whole thing," said Union. "You can't put a patch on a shot."
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Watch Sofia Vergara move to tears because she has restored addicts' backstory to 'AGT':
Sofia Vergara was moved to tears when she regained the back story of addicts to 'AGT'.
Regular viewers of NBC talent shows may have recognized Nolan Neal when he auditioned for America's Got Talent on Tuesday, as the now 39-year-old Nashville troubadour came to Season 10 of The Voice with a heartbreaking and unforgettable background story. Years ago, after Nolan was signed to Hollywood Records in 2000 and Virgin Records in 2006, he got into a hot phone call with his musician father, who told Nolan he would never make it in the industry. Nolan's father then threatened to commit suicide. Nolan hung up in panic and anger and refused to answer when his father tried to call him back, and the two never spoke again. Amazingly, the next day, Nolan found out that his father had actually died of suicide. After his father's death, the guilty singer-songwriter understandably began a downward spiral that celebrated so violently that he damaged his singing voice and lost his contract with Virgin while trying to record his album. Finally he went to rehab and became sober 10 years ago. After a short time with the hard rock band Hinder in 2014, Nolan decided to give The Voice a try. Although he didn't turn chairs in Season 10 of The Voice, he was a four-chair success when he returned in Season 11 a few months later. He seemed on the right track to win the entire show, but despite his early top status, he was involved in one of the most shocking knockouts in voice history. Nolan didn't discuss his voice when he returned to television on AGT this week, but he was an open book when it came to discussing his father's suicide and its aftermath. "My father, he was a good guy, but he was just uncomfortable," he said. "When it happened, I really felt that I wasn't as important as if I wasn't important enough to stay with him. I certainly blamed myself." Nolan also alluded to the fact that AGT another rare opportunity - and perhaps his last opportunity - in a life full of tragedies and near-misses. "I really believe in fate and it means to me the world to have this opportunity," he said. And while Nolan was in this While other major TV talent shows, American Idol and The X Factor, had never taken his risk, he was aware of Judge Simon Cowell's reputation, and now that Simon AGT is the lead actor, this survivor was ready for a tough, honest reviewer : "Simon, he knows talent. So if I'm just a washed-out singer, I know he'll tell me. "Nolan shouldn't have had to worry. After turning his pain into a grainy original ballad titled" Lost "(actually the first song he did wrote after he had gotten clean) - something he couldn't play on The Voice - he received a standing ovation from all four judges and the entire live audience, with Simon telling him: "You have an amazing voice. I don't think you need to be a judge to judge this, I think it was pretty clear to everyone sitting in the room today that we heard and saw something quite spectacular. "But it was the new AGT- Judge Sofia Vergara, whose younger brother Julio became addicted to alcohol, cocaine and crack as a teenager and who was later deported back to Colombia from the United States because of his numerous drug-related arrests, moved by Nolan's suffering performance. Blinking back tears, she said to him, “It was really touching for me to hear your song. I know the addiction illness very well. My family is full of this terrible disease and I fully understand it. And being here tonight and hearing this song gives me a lot of hope. "Four years ago, voice presenter Carson Daly told Nolan:" America loves a good comeback story. " Nolan's comeback obviously didn't take place at the time, but Simon said to the singer this week: "Maybe now is your time." However, it seems that Nolan has already won, as shown by the reaction that Lost received on Tuesday. "I hope it is related to all of you," he said to the judges and the audience. "That will be the real win for me." If you or someone you know need help, call the National Suicide Prevention Lifeline at 1-800-273-TALK (8255).
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