Gal Gadot Reveals Her Exercise Routine for 'Wonder Woman 1984' and It's Intense

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There's no denying it: Gal Gadot is an absolute machine in Wonder Woman 1984.
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In the movie, which just came out in theaters and on HBO Max, the 35-year-old actress shows off her incredible strength by running, jumping and fighting all bad guys with Wonder Woman's magical lasso. Needless to say, filming WW1984 was quite a fitness feat, even for the former combat instructor in the Israel Army.
"When I trained for Wonder Woman it was way more intense and comprehensive. For six months we prepared for the movie where I woke up every morning, drank Smartwater, went to the gym and worked out," said Gal, the Smartwater spokesman said to Good Housekeeping in January. "I did a lot of weight training, cardio, stunt choreography, and flexibility work."
She continued, "For the first time with this movie, I added Pilates to my exercise routine because I feel like Pilates is so holistic when you open your chest and actually focus on your breathing."
To be clear, Gal isn't talking about half-hour or even hour-long sessions in the gym. In between she shot the film, which already contained a lot of intensive stunt work, and worked a full four hours a day.
In addition, Gal followed a specific diet plan to encourage her to exercise intensely. While she has been reported to eat eggs with fruit and coffee in the morning, vegetables were and are the main staple of Gal's diet.
"When I start a project and it depends on how long the project is going, I usually try to stay very healthy," she told us. "I really like vegetables, I love salads ... I try to keep them healthy, so I try to keep them high in protein and low in carbohydrates."
That is, when the hours got particularly long and Gal longed for something heavier, she always turned to her favorite comfort food on set: "I always go for grilled cheese. Grilled cheese with Manchego cheese. It's so good!"
Good food, of course, is only one element of Gal's wellness routine. Whether filming or not, Gal tries to meditate really often, avoiding screen time as much as possible, and taking walks whenever she has time.
"It's about balancing your life mentally, emotionally, physically, and creatively. And of course staying hydrated at the same time. But it's about finding more time for yourself," she explained. "When I put my eldest [daughter, Alma] in bed, there are these guided meditation apps that I will play for her and we will both fall asleep. I think this is a great thing to do with your child too." has to do. ""
Your other top wellness tip? Drinking plenty of water, which is a big reason she chose to partner with Smartwater - staying hydrated is "an essential part" of keeping Gal motivated and motivated even when she is exhausted.
"I drink a lot. As soon as I wake up in the morning, I make sure I drink. When I work on sets, I drink all the time," Gal said. "I do it honestly on every break I have, even when I'm not thirsty. It's so important."
If you look at WW1984 you will very quickly find that all of your hard work (and water drinking!) Has seriously paid off.
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