Galloping bison herd in Yellowstone has tourists running for cover

While a herd of bison galloped towards them in Yellowstone National Park, two surprised tourists ran across a bridge in search of safety, while another tourist captured the moment on video.
Kyleen Olson and her family were driving toward the bridge when they noticed the couple were walking across the bridge back to their car. At the same time, they also noticed a cloud of dust rising from the trees. Suddenly a herd of bison turned onto the road, forcing the couple to turn and take cover.
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"You must have been nervous and jumped off the bridge," Olson told USA Today / For The Win Outdoors.
In the video, you can see the couple take cover at the end of the bridge while the bison turns off the road.
"The bison didn't want anything to do with them, they just wanted to cross the bridge," said Olson. "I was not afraid. My daughter was there first when the bison ran straight towards our car. They were walking up the hill right next to us. It was exciting and a unique experience. "
Olson added, "The couple was just in the wrong place at the wrong time."
Photo courtesy ViralHog.
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