Garrett Rolfe, the officer charged with killing Rayshard Brooks, was accused of covering up a police shooting of a Black man in 2015

Garrett Rolfe appears on an undated photo published by the Atlanta Police Department.
Garrett Rolfe was released by the Atlanta police after he fatally shot Rayshard Brooks on June 12.
On Wednesday, he received eleven charges, including murder and aggravated assault.
Since then, it has been found that Rolfe was involved in the shooting of another black man in 2015 and was accused by a judge of covering up him.
In this case, the judge warned the officials not to report that they shot the suspect who survived but suffered a lung collapse.
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The former Atlanta police officer, who was charged with shooting Rayshard Brooks on June 12, was involved in another black shootout five years earlier, according to The Guardian.
In 2015, Garrett Rolfe and two other officers shot Jackie Jermaine Harris while ramming into a police vehicle while driving a stolen truck, according to The Guardian, who received court documents on the incident.
One of the bullets hit Harris and caused a lung collapse. He survived after being taken to hospital for treatment.
While the police admitted that Harris had been injured during the incident, they concealed the fact that they had shot him. The officials did not report firing their weapons, The Guardian reported.
Bodycam footage of the police show what happened before the fatal shootout at Rayshard Brooks in Atlanta on June 12th
Judge Doris L. Downs, who led the Harris case, said it was "the wildest case I've seen here in my 34 years" and asked for an investigation into her cover-up.
"What the police did was wrong and they have to be responsible for what they did," Downs said, according to The Guardian.
It does not appear that Rolfe has been disciplined in connection with this incident, according to his personnel file, which was released on Monday by the Atlanta police. Read the full Insider report here.
The only mention in his file is an incident in 2015 labeled "Firearm Unloading".
The file also shows that in seven years of use, Rolfe received only one complaint about the use of force: a written reference from 2017 about the use of force with a firearm.
He also received a written reprimand in September 2018 and an oral warning in 2014, both for vehicle accidents. The document no longer contains details of every incident.
In total, Rolfe's disciplinary file includes 12 incidents, including four complaints from citizens.
Nine examinations are marked as "exonerated" or "no measures taken".
Insiders contacted the Atlanta Police Department on Thursday morning for a comment, but did not receive an immediate response.
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