'Gay person in every football team' - Premier League captain Troy Deeney

Troy Deeney from Watford. (Photo by Charlotte Wilson / Getty Images)
Watford captain Troy Deeney believes that every soccer team has at least one gay or bisexual player in their roster.
On Monday, the 31-year-old said, "I would record that there is likely to be a gay or bi-person in every soccer team. They are there, they are 100 percent there."
"I think people who are gay or who come from this community are definitely very concerned about being responsible for being the first. I think if the first come out there will be a lot.
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The striker spoke to Louis Theroux on the grounded podcast. He added, "I also wonder why people quit soccer, rugby, no matter what sport, and then say 'I'm gay'. I think it has to be a really heavy burden that you've been carrying throughout your athletic career have to."
Even though he said he didn't know any gay players on the Watford team, he believes there would be some curious questions if a teammate came out, but within a week no one would care.
Troy Deeney of Watford in action. (Photo by Richard Heathcote / Getty Images)
Former Aston Villa and Everton midfielder Thomas Hitzlsperger, who retired in 2013, spoke of being gay a year after retiring. At the time he revealed, he didn't feel ready to publicly reveal his sexuality while he was still playing.
Justin Fashanu remains the only professional footballer who is openly gay while still playing. In 1990 Fashanu came out towards the end of a peripatetic professional career. He officially retired in 1997, but committed suicide six months later.
Thomas Hitzlsperger. (Photo by TF Images / Getty Images)
In conversation with Theroux, Deeney addressed a number of issues, including the role footballers are supposed to play in society, the coronavirus pandemic, and his father's childhood detention in Birmingham.
Deeney was one of the players involved in the # PlayersTogether campaign. The initiative raised money for NHS Charities Together (an umbrella organization for over 150 different charities).
The campaign organized the largest signed shirt raffle in history. "Shirts for heroes".
Troy Deeney

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