Genevieve Gorder Gives Update on Her Battle Against Delta Variant of COVID: 'This Really Sucks'

Genevieve Gorder
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Genevieve Gorder gives an update on her health.
On Saturday, the day after the 47-year-old Trading Spaces alum announced in an Instagram post that she had COVID-19, Gorder shared her condition with fans when she talked about how she was feeling feels the current moment.
The reality star explained that it is her sixth day that she battles the Delta variant of the disease: "I just wanted to report and tell you how I feel because I don't think we are double [vaccinated] have a lot of content. People who went through this. "
"... But I think that's important," she continued. “This really sucks, it feels awful. But I just feel better today where I can do that. I am so grateful to be vaccinated because I know as a person who has had asthma since childhood - and two. ”Autoimmune disease as an adult - I would be lying on that hospital table. I would be on the ventilator. I would be the one you prayed for. "
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"But I'm fine and I'm starting to feel better," added Gorder. “So yeah, we can all still get infected with COVID. But I'd rather have my seat belt on so I don't go through the windshield. You know what I mean? Yes, we can still get sick, but we're not going to die. "
Gorder noted that "the nights are bad" and she has "a lot of upper respiratory cough", and also stated that she also has a constant fever.
"I have [not] a lot of energy, but I know I'll be fine," she said. "This is just an appeal to get vaccinated so you don't get hurt. Let's create herd immunity."
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Gorder then stated that she will continue to share updates for fans in the coming days before greeting Gatorade for her help on their journey.
"You were great," the Best Room Wins host said with a laugh while holding her thumb up.
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The day before, Gorder posted a photo of herself in bed, showing only the upper half of her face, the lower half covered under a white sheet, on which she stated that she had contracted COVID-19.
In her post she wrote: “As a child with asthma, as an adult with autoimmune diseases, I did not take Covid lightly. In fact, we were more cautious than anyone I knew. "
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Explaining that she was fully vaccinated with two doses of Pfizer in March, Gorder wrote, "Delta is a b * # * h!" when she pleaded with her thousands of followers to get vaccinated to protect themselves - and others - from the virus.
According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), as of Saturday afternoon, 49.5% (164.2 million) of the US population are fully vaccinated against COVID-19, while 57.4% (190.5 million) have at least one vaccination received a dose.
However, the new Delta variant, coupled with persistent vaccine reluctance, is making recovery in the United States more difficult.

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