George Clooney Donates $500,000 to the Equal Justice Initiative on President Trump's Behalf

During an excavation at Donald Trump, George Clooney promised to make a substantial donation to a human rights organization on behalf of the President. The actor announced on Friday that he would donate $ 500,000 to the Equal Justice Initiative after Trump claimed he made Juneteenth "famous."
"Thank you President Trump for making Juneteenth famous." Similar to how Bull Connor made 'Civil Rights' famous, "said Clooney in a statement referring to the politician who was firmly opposed to the civil rights movement in the 1960s." My family is joining the Equal Justice Initiative in honor of your heroic efforts Donate $ 500,000. "
Earlier this week, POTUS bragged to the Wall Street Journal that, with its campaign rally in Tulsa, Oklahoma, originally scheduled for June 19, it had drawn attention to the holiday marking the end of slavery in the United States. "I did something good: I made Juneteenth very famous," Trump told the newspaper. "It's actually an important event, an important time. But nobody had ever heard of it."
This month, Clooney spoke out in an open article for The Daily Beast against police brutality and racism, calling it a "pandemic" for which "we haven't found a vaccine yet".
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"The anger and frustration that we see on our streets again is only a reminder of how little we as a country have grown from our original sin of slavery," he wrote. "The fact that we no longer buy and sell people is no longer a badge of honor."
He continued, "This is our pandemic. It infects us all, and we haven't found a vaccine in 400 years. Apparently we've stopped looking for one and we're just trying to treat the wound individually."

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