Georgia Gov. Kemp refuses to say whether he'll campaign with Trump

Georgia Gov. Brian Kemp on Sunday declined to say whether he will run with former President Donald Trump if the fellow Republican decides to hold a rally in his state.
Fox News Sunday anchor Shannon Bream quoted a recent report from the Atlanta Journal Constitution that speculated that Trump could hold a rally in Georgia this month and asked Kemp if he would attend the event.
"Are you going to show up with him at a rally in Georgia?" Bream asked the governor.
"Well, I'm not too concerned about what the Atlanta Journal Constitution is speculating about — you weren't a friend of mine," Kemp replied. "My focus is on speaking to hardworking Georgians and making sure they know I will continue to fight for them every day - to tackle 40 years of high inflation, the gas pump disaster, the border disaster, and keep our state in the right direction."
Republican Georgia Governor Brian Kemp speaks during his first campaign bash at the Chick-fil-A College Football Hall of Fame May 24, 2022 in Atlanta, Georgia.
"We have the lowest unemployment rate in state history," he continued. “We had two record years in a row for economic development. Regardless of your postal code, you have the chance of economic prosperity. That's what I'm concentrating on. I can't control a lot of things, every newspaper says."
Bream squeezed Kemp again and asked, "But if the former president shows up, would you campaign with him? Would you go to a rally? for you or do you consider it a disparagement to be on stage with him?"
"Well, that's not something I can control," Kemp replied. “I'm concentrating on what I can control in this race. I've asked all Republicans to unite in support of our ticket, and that's certainly what I'm doing and I'm sure he's doing it too. Because he knows, like all other Republicans and people in the center, that the focus must be on this President and what he has done to hurt hard-working Georgians.
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"I mean, Joe Biden said he would never put taxes on working Americans and working Georgians, and he has now, while spending more money when we have 40 years of high inflation," he added. "That's what people need to focus on and not get distracted by the arguments that Stacey Abrams and other Democrats are making across the country for not wanting to talk about these issues."
Trump is currently embroiled in a legal battle with the Justice Department over documents that led to the FBI raiding his Mar-a-Lago, Florida home in August. But unlike his successor, President Joe Biden, Trump has teamed up with Republicans competing in crucial midterm contests on an almost weekly basis at rallies. Biden has stayed far from key swing states where his presence could do more harm than good to Democrats who face challenging re-elections.
Kemp is running for re-election in November and currently has a 7-point lead over Democrat Stacey Abrams, according to a Fox News poll released Wednesday.
Fox News' Paul Steinhauser contributed to this report.
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