Georgia's GOP lieutenant governor says Rudy Giuliani's false voter fraud claims triggered voting restrictions

Rudy Giuliani's false allegations of electoral fraud were not enough to overturn the presidential election, but they motivated Republican lawmakers in Georgia to pass a law restricting voting rights, the state's Republican lieutenant governor said.
Under the new electoral law passed by Georgia Gov. Brian Kemp (R), it will be more difficult for voters to request and cast postal votes. Ballot boxes are limited; Voters cannot be addressed and provided with food or water while they wait in line to cast their ballots. and the Secretary of State is no longer the chairman or voting member of the Georgia State Election Board.
During an interview with CNN on Wednesday, Georgia Lt. Governor Geoff Duncan (R) said the restrictions were "the result of the 10-week misinformation flown in from former President Donald Trump. I went back over the weekend to really see it." where this really took off in the legislature, and it was when Rudy Giuliani showed up in a couple of committee rooms and spent hours spreading misinformation and sowing doubt about hours of testimony. "
Joe Biden won Georgia, a fact confirmed on three separate state election censuses. Giuliani was still trying to get Georgia to reject the election results and appeared before lawmakers to spread several falsehoods, including the fact that thousands of dead had voted. He claimed, even without evidence, that the voting machines were "like Swiss cheese. You can penetrate them. You can penetrate them. You can change the vote." He is now the subject of a $ 1.3 billion defamation lawsuit filed by Dominion Voting Systems.
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