Geraldo Rivera accuses Sean Hannity of 'gaslighting' his viewers on the Jan. 6 insurrection

Geraldo Rivera appeared on Hannity Tuesday accusing Sean Hannity of telling his audience over the 6th uprising just hours after four officials testified before the House Special Committee that the day's events and the reasons for it investigated the attack.
"I think you - with all due respect and I love you - did gaslighting and changed the subject," said Rivera. “The subject is January 6th and what happened to the United States Capitol and why it happened. These two things. The fact that the Capitol was targeted and that the President of the United States was the main instigator who unleashed the mob. For God's sake, Sean… ”“ Geraldo, you just accused me, ”Hannity interrupted. "We have been friends for a long time."
Hannity has tried repeatedly to denigrate the investigation, saying its only aim is to slander former President Trump and the GOP. He has also tried to shift the blame on the former president by correctly stating that Trump told his supporters to march peacefully to the Capitol on the morning of May 6, while ignoring the numerous tweets and television appearances in which Trump told his supporters to be strong and fight for their country, telling them that if Biden's election were confirmed, they would never get their country back, while falsely convincing them that the election was stolen. Trump also once urged his supporters to go to the Capitol on the 6th, saying it was "wild".
Hannity is also one of many trying to draw a false equivalence between the attack on the Capitol and the 2020 riots, which he did again on Tuesday, changing the subject just as Rivera had accused him of.
"You say I'll change the subject," said Hannity. "I say that an insurrection is an insurrection, and if January 6th is wrong, I believe, then the 574 insurrections that the Democrats have been silent about, why is there no commission for that?"
But Rivera didn't bit on the false equivalency or attempts to shift the blame away from Trump. Instead, he got his way with what he wanted to say while Hannity tried to move on to Dan Bongino.
"I supported President Trump until the post-election period that led to the horrific events of January 6," said Rivera. "On January 6th, he did something for which he owes the American people, the world and history an apology."
Hannity airs at 9 p.m. on weekdays. on Fox News Channel.
Listen to the troubling email a D.C. officer received on Tuesday when he testified before the 1/6 House Select Committee:
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