Geraldo slams Trump for leaving while COVID bill in limbo: 'What the hell are we supposed to do now?'

Geraldo Rivera appeared on Wednesday fifth where he beat up President Trump for traveling to Mar-a-Lago while the COVID relief bill remains pending.
After months of negotiation, Congress passed a COVID relief bill on Tuesday, but Trump was quick to say he would not sign it as it is and called for major economic reviews along with other changes. If no action is taken on the bill, millions of Americans will lose unemployment benefits and the government will shut down on December 29th. Additionally, Trump on Wednesday vetoed the National Defense Authorization Act, a veto likely to be overridden by Congress.
While others on the show accused Congress, Rivera had some harsh words and some questions for Trump.
“What about the president? I mean he's threatening a veto. He was on Christmas vacation. What the hell are we supposed to do now? "Asked Rivera." The president said that's not good. What about that part of the defense license? What about the pay of the military? You know what happens when all these funds run out the day after Christmas or something ? "
Rivera went on to punish the president for focusing more on his attempts to stay in power than on helping the American people.
"We needed some leadership here, instead the president got a nod:" Maybe I'll be the next government. "That's ridiculous," said Rivera. "But more importantly, he's the leader of the free world. Give us guidance."
House spokeswoman Nancy Pelosi (D-Calif.) Seized the opportunity for major stimulus checks, as Trump suggested, while Republicans remained largely silent. But as government shutdowns loomed and the financial backing that millions now depend on loses itself, Rivera wondered what will happen next.
"What should you do now?" Asked Rivera. "He's going to Mar-a-Lago. Will Nancy Pelosi meet with Mitch McConnell now? Will they get together, get a plan? What will the Americans do? We're drifting now."
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Watch Nicolle Wallace ask Chris Christie if he's trying to clear up the Trump stink as he ponders the 2024 run:
Nicolle Wallace calls on Chris Christie not to criticize Trump sooner
Deadline: Tuesday night at the White House, Nicolle Wallace called out former New Jersey Governor Chris Christie for failing to criticize President Trump at the start of his presidency. Wallace was one of the few Trump allies who spoke out against Trump's efforts to overthrow the election but kept silent through several scandals in the past. Wallace wondered if this had anything to do with Christie considering a run at the White House in 2024. "I can't remember you coming out and pushing back Donald Trump's comments on the Access Hollywood tape. You didn't defend him, but didn't withdraw your support. I didn't hear you after calling African nations as a peep." -Hole Nations, "said Wallace." I didn't hear you distanced yourself from this President at any point until the target for his anger and lawlessness was democracy, the leadership of which you not ruled out four years from now to have. Are you just making a political calculation that you can get rid of the Trump stink faster than Marco Rubio or some of your other competitors? “Christie said his utterance over the past few weeks had nothing to do with his potential ambitions as president and pushed back against the notion that he had not spoken out against Trump in the past. "You can pick the ones you think I didn't speak to and you're right I didn't say anything about it, but other things motivated me back then," Christie said. "But when I felt that there was something about his behavior as president that I was incredible against and that I thought was very important to our country, I spoke up."
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