German Shepherd Makes Incredible 5-Month Transformation and Finds a Forever Home

The breed of seven-year-old Baby Yoda was unrecognizable when it was first saved from "terrible conditions" by the Arizona Humane Society (AHS) in early February.
Almost five months later, the German Shepherd found a happy ending: she was adopted.
"When she arrived at AHS's Second Chance Animal Trauma Hospital for treatment, she was almost completely hairless, crusted, and unable to settle comfortably without scratching her irritated skin until she bled," a human society layoff said about Baby Yoda .
It added that she also needed extensive dental work and lived under "extreme pain," but still "retained the sweetest personality." Veterans in the AHS animal welfare world burst into tears at Baby Yoda's heartbreaking experience.
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In a video shot in the middle of the dog's recovery, Dr. Melissa Thompson, vice president of medical operations at AHS: "If you were to look at Baby Yoda, you could not say that it is a German shepherd. There may be some hair sticking out of her head."
"All of this hair loss is due to the fact that she scratches and itches and her hair follicles are so badly damaged that the hair comes out," she continued. "So this doesn't happen overnight, but over a long period of time. This poor dog was just miserable."
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Baby Yoda has received treatment for her skin mites, including medical baths, low-level laser therapy, and oral medications. Although she will need medical help all her life, mainly due to allergies, after months of rehabilitation she was ready for a new home and family that she can call herself.
"You couldn't even say what she was when we picked her up. It was just a lot of wrinkles. You couldn't even say she was a dog, let alone what breed she was," said Tracey Müller, AHS Operations Manager, in the press release, "Now it's so soft!"

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