Gerrard lists five Premier League stars who 'deserve' PFA Player of the Year & picks preferred winner

Steven Gerrard has listed five Premier League stars who "deserve" to be PFA Player of the Year, while selecting his preferred candidate for the award.
The Rangers boss watched from afar how his old Liverpool club dominated the English top league in 2019-20, scoring 27 wins from their first 29 games before the coronavirus outbreak stopped their progress in March.
Jürgen Klopp's men are crowned champions when they score six points from their last nine games. A derby clash between Merseyside and Everton on Sunday marks their first return leg after a three-month break.
Jordan Henderson will hold the famous trophy in the air once Liverpool crosses the finish line, and it has been suggested that the club's captain be recognized by the PFA at the end of the season for his contribution to their cause.
Gerrard would like to "see" his former teammate as Player of the Year, but he also believes three more Reds along with Manchester City's talisman Kevin De Bruyne would deserve the award.
The former Liverpool captain says Virgil van Dijk, Sadio Mane and Trent Alexander Arnold were as consistent as Henderson, but the 29-year-old's "leadership skills" could give him the final nod.
"If he got it, nobody could argue or gripe," Gerrard told The Athletic. “He would deserve it just like anyone else who runs for it.
"I try not to be biased when I talk about such things. Kevin De Bruyne has been outstanding this season. The same applies to Virgil van Dijk, Trient Alexander-Arnold, Jordan and Sadio Mane.
"Each of them would deserve it. Would I like to see Jordan win it? Yes, I would.
Jordan Henderson Liverpool 2019-20
"I would also like to see him win the Football Writers Award. Nowadays, with what we go through and what we've seen recently, he's a committed player and a real ambassador and role model on and off the square.
"It is the way he does his job, the quality that he has consistently shown, and his leadership skills.
“With these individual prices, I sometimes think that there is more to it than just what is happening on the pitch.
"I think Jordan definitely deserved to be in the race for both. If he got both, I would be very happy for him."

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