Get Out of Jordan Peele's Head: Yes, There's an Upcoming Movie Called Karen and the Trailer Is...Something

Karen (2021)
Sorry, I'm cosplaying as a crying white woman and I'm on the phone to the Hollywood police to file a complaint. Why? Well ...
On Monday, Black Twitter went amok when the following movie trailer about our collective demise was released on our respective timelines:
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It's for a movie called Karen. And it's playing this short-form social media comedian guy who inevitably becomes the new age version of the black talent (aka "Black Tor") that you always recognize from many projects but don't recognize by his Names can remember Tia Mowry's husband and Pensatucky from Orange Is the New Black. Here is the IMDb page if you want to quote their real names. Since we're on the subject of IMDb, this film is directed by Coke Daniels ... what a name.
As for the plot, basically a black family is moving to a new neighborhood a la Lakeview Terrace and being terrorized by one of the (white) tricks that pimp Terrence Howard adorably advocated for panting. There is only one suitable answer to this mess, inspired by the extremely talented Betty Gabriel. Yes, the often memte gif of Get Out.
Speaking of get out ... The name of Jordan Peele is unfortunately related to this mess. Oh, it's not because he's involved in any way, don't worry! That's because his name was instantly trending on Black Twitter because - as The Glow Up Editor-in-Chief Maiysha Kai aptly pointed out - "We've seen this movie before." Father's Day is just over and it looks like this As if Jordan had another son who was ready for a movie.
Seriously, this looks like it was filmed tomorrow. You read that right.
Aside from lazily mimicking the popular director's style and motive, you really didn't have to be a Hollywood insider to see this coming. Of course, someone (or possibly many others) would make a movie or TV series about the concept of Karens. I'm halfway expecting a Karen Cinematic Universe (KCU) with the next franchise film called Becky. Don't blame me if that happens by the way - no, I didn't give you any ideas! Hollywood moves fast, so we are probably too late to reject this hypothetical notion.
There is no release date highlighted in the trailer (I'll settle for either “never” or “February 37”), but the credits mention it is an “original BET movie,” so I'll assume we'll be ours Lenders have confirmed perpetrators. I suspect this was her answer to our "No more baby boy repetitions, please!" Joke screams?
So who is buying the snacks for the inevitable live tweet event on Black Twitter? I have five on it ...
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