GETTR founder Jason Miller calls ISIS sympathizers on his pro-Trump social media platform 'keyboard warriors'

An IS fighter holds the IS flag. Screenshot
The pro-Trump social media site GETTR is now home to extremist and violent content, reports Politico.
Jason Miller called ISIS members on GETTR "keyboard warriors who hide in caves and eat filthy cookies".
The site has already had issues with user data breaches and rampant pornography.
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Jason Miller, the founder of the pro-Trump social media network GETTR, has dismissed a surge in ISIS sympathizers on the platform as "keyboard warriors who hide in caves and eat filthy cookies".
Politico reported that GETTR, which Miller launched in early July after quitting his previous job as Trump spokesman, is now a hotbed of pro-ISIS and jihadist content, including graphic videos of beheadings and other jihadist and terrorist content .
While GETTR was billed as a pro-Trump free speech website, Trump himself declined to visit the site and continued to express a desire to launch his own platform.
At least some of the terrorist content on the platform is violent against Trump, with Politico describing "executing memes of a militant Trump in an orange jumpsuit similar to those used in Guantanamo Bay".
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Miller told Insider in a statement that he believed ISIS-supporting posters flocked to the platform to post anti-Trump and anti-Western content because Trump "wiped it off the face of the earth," and defended GETTRs Practices for moderating content "as robust and" proactive. "
"ISIS is trying to attack the MAGA movement because President Trump wiped it off the ground and destroyed the Caliphate in less than 18 months, and the only ISIS members still alive are keyboard warriors hiding in caves and eating filthy cookies," said Miller's testimony said. "Buried under a misleading and inflammatory headline, however, even Politico recognizes that GETTR has a robust and proactive moderation system that removes prohibited content and maximizes both the latest AI technology and human moderation."
Experts told Politico that extremists who support ISIS and other groups have taken advantage of GETTR's permissive policies and relatively lax content moderation to spread violent and pro-terrorist content. Numerous other social media platforms, including Twitter, are also struggling to curb the proliferation of pro-ISIS accounts.
Although the Islamic State no longer has a caliphate and has significantly declined in its tactical power and financial resources compared to previous years, it still maintains a physical presence in Iraq and Syria.
A recent report by UN member intelligence services concluded that "the group has become a deeply rooted insurgency that is exploiting vulnerabilities in local security to find safe havens and target forces that are attacking Operations against the ISIL are involved ".
GETTR was also plagued by a security breach that resulted in accounts of high profile users, including Miller himself, being hacked shortly after it launched in early July, and problems with the rampant distribution of pornographic material on the platform.
Trump has been exploring various ways to get back on social media after being banned from Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram in the wake of the Jan. 6 Capitol Uprising. Trump is permanently banned from Twitter and will be banned from Facebook and Instagram for at least the next two years.
This spring, Trump closed his blog "From the Desk of Donald Trump", allegedly because of low readership and ridicule of the website's low traffic and engagement.
GETTR is very similar in format to Twitter, with trending topics, verified users, and the ability to re-share and like posts. One of the app's backers is the volatile Chinese billionaire Guo Wengui.
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