Ghislaine Maxwell’s family launch operation to get her out of New York prison

Ghislaine Maxwell photographed in February 2011 - Image Credit:
Ghislaine Maxwell's family has launched Operation GGO - a campaign to “get Ghislaine out of jail” complaining that her human rights have been violated in a New York jail.
The heiress, who was taken into custody for trafficking in children in connection with the disgraced financier Jeffrey Epstein, had been the victim of "cruel" and "vengeful" treatment by the US authorities.
Brian Basham, a public relations veteran and close family friend, has alleged that Ms. Maxwell lost 25 pounds in prison and that when she complained, prison authorities simply removed her scales to prevent her from experiencing further weight loss.
Ms. Maxwell, a vegan, was malnourished and has been without food for 20 hours in the past few days, he said.
He also complained that she was forced to wear paper clothes and was refused permission to wear a bra because she feared the risk of suicide.
Prison guards, he said, stopped talking to her and she is isolated in a 9 by 7 foot cell. She has not received any letters from family members, Mr Basham said.
Epstein killed himself in a New York prison last year while awaiting trial.
Mr Basham has now offered his services free of charge to the family to secure their bail before a lawsuit on six child trafficking, procurement fees and perjury cases due to take place next summer.
Jeffrey Epstein and Ghislaine Maxwell shot together in 2005 - Patrick McMullan
Ms. Maxwell, who was arrested in July, faces jail a year before trial after being classified as a flight risk. She was denied bail despite the fact that her lawyers offered a $ 5 million (£ 4 million) loan.
He said he volunteered for the campaign "because I thought the Justice Department and FBI Dog and Pony Show was trying to add further frenzy to what I consider lynch mob."
On more than 400 pages of transcription of a 2016 deposit released Thursday, Ms. Maxwell repeatedly denied any wrongdoing, including alleging that she brought a young girl to London in 2001 to have sex with her friend, the Duke of York, to have. He also denies the allegations.
Virginia Roberts Giuffre is the most visible of Epstein's accusers. She claims she was recruited by Ms. Maxwell from her job at Donald Trump's Mar-a-Lago Hotel at the age of 16. She claims she was tricked into having sex with a number of Epstein's friends, including the Duke, whom he denies. She has filed a lawsuit against Ms. Maxwell who accused Ms. Roberts Giuffre of lying.
Virginia Roberts Giuffre, the woman who claims to have been trafficked by billionaire pedophile Jeffrey Epstein
In her first interview since Ms. Maxwell's filing was published, Ms. Roberts Giuffre told NBC's Today program in the US: “All I did was tell the truth. In every affidavit, interview, dismissal, I know that the truth is on my side, I know that it doesn't. "
Mr Basham said it was outrageous that Ms. Maxwell had been bailed unlike Harvey Weinstein and Bill Cosby, both convicted sex offenders. “Both Weinstein and Cosby were given bail, and it was men who were a danger to women. You can't say that about Ghislaine, ”he said.
Mr. Basham insists that Ms. Maxwell does not pose a flight risk. He said her possession of three passports when she was arrested by the FBI and the fact that she lived in the US proved that she had no intention of fleeing the country. “One of the passports is a French passport. From the moment Jeffrey Epstein was arrested, she could have gone to France, but she stayed, ”said Basham.
“She cannot speak to her sisters and her letters are not given to her vengefully. She is vegan and is not getting the right nutrition. She lost 25 pounds in jail but when she complained they took her scale away so she couldn't weigh herself. It's vengeful and cruel.
“She is in a 9 by 7 foot cell on a floor of the prison where no one else is. The last thing I heard is that the guards have now stopped talking to her so she is very isolated. I was told that none of the family members could visit or speak to her directly. "

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