GHOSTBUSTERS: AFTERLIFE Post-Credits Scenes Explained

Prepare your Proton Packs, Ghostbusters: Afterlife is finally here! The charming and adorable sequel is full of action, adventure, and creepy ghosts. And if you stick for the credits, you get two cameo-filled spikes. We are here to explain their relevance and what the last one means for the future. Basically, there will probably be a lot more Ghostbusters in our future!
That charming mid-credits stinger
A still of Ghostbusters shows Bill Murray testing students for ESP
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In one of Ghostbusters' most unique and resourceful moments: Afterlife, we see Sigourney Weaver as merit. Like everyone else in your theater, you probably thought, “What? If? I have not seen her!!" And then the sting begins. Here we see Weaver and Bill Murray as their characters Dana Barrett and Peter Venkman from the original films. We'd already seen Murray in that massive closing sequence, but here we get a more intimate moment. The two were romantically linked in the original films, and that stinger suggests that they may have settled down together, or at least are still very good friends.
During the sequence, they play with the ESP machine Venkman uses in the first Ghostbusters film. It's a nice nod to one of the franchise's most famous gags. And it's fun to see Venkman defeated at your own game. Dana tests his psychic perception with cards with shapes on one side that Venkman guesses. It's something he used to do as part of his role as a parapsychologist. He seems to be fine, but Dana realizes he has marked the cards and starts shocking him as a punishment. It's a sweet recall that Venkman finally jokingly admits to being devious. You see, he only ever shocked the male students, never the women ... which is not surprising when you know Venkman.
That big post-credits moment
A still from Ghostbusters 2 shows Ernie Hudson as Winston in his suit, looking ready to go
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If the first stinger was a fun callback to some favorites from the past, the post-credits scene suggests where Ghostbusters might go in the future. Before we get there though, let's talk about the setup. The final act of Afterlife features an unexpected reunion with the original Ghostbusters team. Three are alive: Ray Stantz, Peter Venkman and Winston Zeddemore. And one is a ghostly figure: Egon Spengler. It's an emotional moment that seems like a deal for the team. But one of them is still eager to destroy a few ghosts. And that brings us to the post-credits sequence pointing to the future of the franchise.
Shortly before the credits roll, the Ecto-1 drives back to NYC. And after the credits, we see why Janine (Annie Potts) visits Winston. We learn that he is an extremely successful businessman. He talks to her about legacy and creating something for the next generation. But he reminds us that he will always be a ghostbuster. As he says these words, we see him opening the famous doors of the fire station that used to be the team's home. We also see Ecto-1 return to his home, and then we see Winston with his hand on the famous car. When the camera pans away, we see a red light flashing on the wall. It is reminiscent of the light that blinked when the team had to go to catch ghosts.
What is that supposed to mean?
Finn Wolfhard drives the Ecto-1 with McKenna Grace and Logan Kim in the back seat in Ghostbusters: Afterlife.
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The first sting is probably just a nice way to say goodbye to some old favorites. Murray and Ackroyd seem ready to say goodbye to the Ghostbusters. And Weaver only appears in the Stinger, probably as a nice nod to her important roles in previous films. While we could see either of them return for future films, it seems unlikely. But the final scene after the credits makes Winston the future of the Ghostbusters.
Not only does he have the money to run the organization properly, but he has just met a new generation of history-minded children who are helping him. If there's another Ghostbusters movie out there, you can expect Winston to lead the indictment. And don't be surprised if we see Phoebe from Mckenna Grace, Trevor from Finn Wolfhard and podcast from Logan Kim take away. And as great Winston Stans, we couldn't be happier.
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