Giada De Laurentiis’ Winter Pasta Salad Will Become Your Next Go-To Side Dish

Who said pasta salad has to be a summer dish? Sure, who doesn't like a summer recipe to keep you cool, but why limit yourself to only eating cold food when it's warm? Why not turn a warm weather classic into a cold weather treat by using some winter-approved ingredients? Pasta salad has traditionally been viewed as a summer treat, but no longer. Giada De Laurentiis broke all the rules in her newest dish - a bacon, Brussels sprouts and orecchiette salad that is as tasty as it sounds.
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De Laurentiis took to Instagram to share her creation and wrote, “How to make pasta salad perfect for winter: bacon, Brussels sprouts, pomegranate seeds and lots of parmesan.” Yes, yes, yes and yes. Talk about dynamic flavors that take a punch. With a combination like this, you definitely want to eat the entire bowl in one sitting.
This is a great dish for a lunch party or birthday party as it works well to marinate for hours in the refrigerator. The marinade is simple yet delicious and consists of parmesan, oil, vinegar, Dijon mustard and salt.
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This is a De Laurentiis recipe for beginners, which means it's painless to prepare and delicious to taste. It's also full of protein at 21 grams per serving. This is sure to become a favorite in your household due to its simple process and long-lasting taste in the refrigerator. Try this yourself and you will want to prepare this cold dish even on the coldest nights.
Check out Giada De Laurentiis's recipe with bacon and Brussels sprouts orecchiette
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