Gigi Hadid Shares Never-Before-Seen Pregnancy Photo in Birthday Tribute to Bella Hadid

Who doesn't love a sisterly moment?
To celebrate Bella Hadid's 24th birthday, older sister Gigi Hadid posted a warm homage on Instagram on October 9th. "Today I'm celebrating the 24 years I've been blessed with my little sister @bellahadid, but I'm always grateful for that." Caption began. "Whoever has my back and brings me the most delicious treats, I am so proud of your constant growth and light."
"You have a beautiful heart and I wish you every opportunity for a year to do what fulfills you most and to share this magic near and far," continued the supermodel. "WHO LOVES YOU ?! YOUR SISTER. I wish you the best day !!!!!! HAPPY BDAY."
In addition to the nice note, Gigi also uploaded a few sibling photos. She even included a never-before-seen photo of her pregnancy showing Bella holding her baby bump in a kitchen.
As fans may know, the new mother gave birth to her first child and her boyfriend Zayn Malik's first child, a little girl, in late September, so the Hadids have a lot to celebrate these days.
Gigi Hadid's pregnancy pictures
Of course, Gigi wasn't the only Hadid in the solemn spirit. The sisters' mother, Yolanda Hadid, also posted a loving tribute to her daughter on Instagram.
"I am so proud of the extraordinary person you are and the incredible things you have accomplished in your life," she wrote. "Thank you for all the love and the light that you bring into my life and all those who cross your path. I pray that love, health and happiness will come to you every day ... I love you, my eternal baby @bellahadid #Happy Birthday. "
Gigi Hadid, Bella Hadid
To celebrate her special day, Bella took her closest friends "on an adventure that was absolutely non-refundable" so it pretty much goes without saying that she will definitely have a successful B-day with her girls.

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