'Girl In The Picture's Franklin Floyd Eventually Married The Girl He Kidnapped

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This year has already been packed with fascinating and chilling true crime documentaries, from Keep Sweet: Pray and Obey to The Staircase to Our Father. But there's more to come in the pipeline.
Netflix has just released its latest true crime documentary, Girl in the Picture, which details the disturbing crimes of Franklin Delano Floyd, a man who has been linked to murder and kidnapping. The story is so complicated (thanks to several different aliases and lots of weird twists and turns) that it took three decades to unravel.
The documentary looks at evidence gathered against Floyd, with input from investigative journalists and authorities who worked on the case. And the document itself is inspired by the book A Beautiful Child: A True Story of Hope, Horror, and an Enduring Human Spirit, written by an investigative journalist who delved deeply into Floyd's story and specifically the mystery surrounding him has the death and mysterious identity of a woman named Sharon Marshall. More on that in a second.
There's a lot to unpack in this twisted tale, which premiered July 6, and it's understandable to have many questions about what actually happened and where Floyd is now. Here's what you need to know:
Who is Franklin Floyd?
Franklin Delano Floyd is a 79-year-old man who is currently on death row for multiple felonies. He was originally from Georgia and had several siblings.
"The children were growing up in an orphanage in Hapeville when their father died and their mother ran away," reports the Tampa Bay Times.
What crimes did he commit?
Short answer: a lot. Floyd's crimes included kidnapping, molestation, robbery and assault, according to Newsweek.
"Franklin Floyd is without a doubt one of the most evil people I have ever met in my life," Oklahoma District Attorney Lisa Hammond said during a trial, the Tampa Bay Times reported in 1997.
Floyd was arrested aged 19 after kidnapping a 4-year-old from a bowling alley, according to the newspaper, and was then arrested for a bank robbery. He spent 10 years in prison and then disappeared when paroled.
Floyd is currently in prison for the 1989 murder of Cheryl Ann Commesso, a Florida mother of three, along with the kidnapping of 6-year-old Michael Anthony Hughes (whose body was never found).
He was convicted of various crimes in 2002 and imprisoned in 2003. And that's not all... Things got even weirder.
Who is Sharon Marshall?
In 1975, Floyd married a woman named Sandi Chipman under a false alias and stole her four children while she was briefly imprisoned, the documentary explains. Floyd released three of the children but kept the fourth, whose name was Suzanne, and raised her as his own daughter.
Sharon Marshall is just one of several aliases for Suzanne Marie Sevakis, the daughter of Floyd's first wife. Floyd kidnapped Sharon and raised her as his own daughter (although they weren't actually related). The two moved to Atlanta, where she went to school, the Tampa Bay Times reported.
“Teachers remember Sharon as a popular teenager who excelled at school. She ran for junior class office and had glamor shots taken for her poster," reads the Tampa Bay Times article.
Floyd eventually forced his "daughter" Sharon to marry him under a different name, Tonya Hughes. He also used a different name at the time: Clarence Hughes.
Sharon later had a son named Michael who was unrelated to Floyd. While they were married, Sharon worked at a strip club where she met Cheryl Ann Commesso, who would later kill Floyd.
What happened to Sharon?
In 1990, 20-year-old Sharon (then driving under the name "Tonya Hughes") was found on the side of the road with life-threatening injuries. Police assumed she was a hit-and-run victim, but the new Netflix documentary suggests Floyd may have been involved in her death.
Sharon's high school classmates identified her, revealing that "Tonya" was the same person as "Sharon," according to The Daily Beast. They also pointed out that "Tonya's" husband "Clarence Hughes" was actually her father, Franklin Floyd.
It makes sense that everyone had many questions about exactly how she died and her relationship with Floyd.
Marshall was finally identified as Suzanne Marie Sevakis in 2014.
What aliases did Floyd use?
Floyd used a number of aliases including:
Warren Judson Marshall
Trenton B Davis
Clarence Hughes
How did he finally get caught?
After Sharon died, her son Michael was fostered by a couple who cared for him for four years, The Daily Beast reported. Then, in 1994, Floyd kidnapped Michael from his Oklahoma elementary school. He was in first grade at the time and nobody has seen him since.
Later that year, Floyd was arrested in Kentucky after trying to get a new license. He was convicted of kidnapping at the time, but was also a suspect in Sharon's hit-and-run and Commesso murders, according to the Tampa Bay Times. Eventually, according to court records, he was sentenced to 55 years in prison and charged with Commesso's murder.
Was Michael Hughes Ever Found?
Floyd later admitted to shooting and killing Michael after kidnapping him, according to The Oklahoman.
Where is he now?
Floyd is currently serving a life sentence in a Pinellas County, Florida jail. He's on death row.
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